'Far Cry 5' Comic Proposes Perfect Idea for Sequel

Far Cry 5 Comic Pokemon FPS

Although Far Cry 4 might have been more or less Far Cry 3.5 it still evolved the core concept enough to make it worth recommending. Among other things gameplay was tighter, the narrative was more involved, and the graphics included a beautiful next-gen sheen.

One of the things we most appreciated about Far Cry 4 was the way Ubisoft evolved the idea of turning the wildlife against enemies. Where Far Cry 3 had some of that with the tiger cages, Far Cry 4 ballooned the idea out further, to the point players could essentially become tamers.

It's with that in mind that we bring one of this week's Dorkly comics, which theorizes where Far Cry 5 might take the animal manipulation from its predecessor. We don't want to spoil the punchline, so first check out the strip below.

Far Cry 5 Dorkly Comic

As readers can see, taking Far Cry 4's animal control even further would essentially turn players into a Pokemon trainer, as they try to get a group of exotic animals to do their bidding. Obviously, it's not a direct 1-to-1 comparison between Far Cry and Pokemon, but it's still a clever little observation.

Similarly, there are some pretty key differences between the Far Cry and Pokemon franchises, in so much as one targets a younger demographic while the other skews older. That isn't to say adults can't enjoy Pokemon – the franchise wouldn't be a record breaker if it didn't – but Far Cry is not recommended for younger eyes. Just a quick look at one of Far Cry 4's cinematics could tell you that.

All that aside, the idea of an FPS Pokemon game does sound mighty intriguing. Nintendo and Game Freak would have to make some changes to the formula, and likely boost the graphics (since players will be able to get up close to textures), but it shouldn't be too hard to adapt the franchise to the genre.

Then again, Game Freak has been pretty focused on keeping Pokemon within a certain trajectory for the past few entries. They've tweaked some elements and added new features (like Mega-Evolutions), but the drastic changes don't appear to be in the cards just yet. However, if Game Freak every wants a billion dollar idea, there's one waiting in the wings.

How would you like to see Ubisoft expand on animal interaction in a future Far Cry game? Now how about an open world FPS Pokemon? How awesome does that sound?


Source: Dorkly

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