Far Cry 5 Videos Introduce The Residents of Hope County

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Ubisoft recently unveiled a teaser trailer for Far Cry 5 that welcomed players to Hope County, Montana. Shortly after, the company pulled back the curtain on Far Cry 5's cover art, which depicts a line-up of the sequel's apparent villains settled down at a table to break bread (and possibly break bones, too). But who exactly are these flannel-clad, shotgun wielding Montanans? Who's the "sinner," and what's that bloodied dog doing with its paws on the table? Today, Ubisoft zooms in on the residents of Hope County, releasing vignette videos for three Far Cry 5 characters.


First up is Nick, a tattooed man with a thick beard, mullet-style hair, and truly country fashion sense. Nick's vignette opens on a yellow seaplane, stamped with "Rye & Sons" on its right pontoon and a shark's face on its nose, reminiscent of an A-10 Thunderbolt II attack plane. "She's a beauty, ain't she?" he asks coyly, placing a hand the body of the plane.

Nick swaps tools and mentions that he hopes the aircraft will hold up until "he" is old enough to fly. The mysterious boy in question is, of course, his son. Or so he hopes. It's hinted that Nick's wife is pregnant, and he's got all his appendages crossed for a bouncing baby boy -- one he can teach to fly and, more importantly, one that will be different than Nick's father and grandfather.

He continues, explaining that the men who came before him fought "in the wars" so he didn't have to. Reality has shifted in the time since then, and Nick worries his child won't have the chance to fly due to the tense societal atmosphere and apparent political and religious warfare at the heart of Far Cry 5. "Not with these f*****s around here," Nick scowls, pointing his socket wrench toward the wing of his plane - it's freckled with bullet holes. "People are scared, man."

Nick's tone blackens right at the end of the vignette, as he professes his willingness to fight back against those who have spread fear and hatred through Hope County. Though he may not have gone to war, if anyone comes after his family, Nick will surely give them one. The clip closes on Nick loading what appears to be a gatling gun just above the boat's pontoons.

Pastor Jerome

Melting candles and a soft voice pull the viewer into this next vignette. The one for Pastor Jerome, Hope County's collective Father, an African-American man with a beard and Buddy Holly-type glasses. He's shown kneeling in the pews of a church, the same one featured in the game's spine-chilling teaser trailer. "'Woe to the man who leads my flock astray,' says the Lord" Pastor Jerome recites. This is a slight alteration of Jeremiah 23:1, which references "destroying and scattering" of sheep across a pasture.

Pastor Jerome reminisces on a time where the people of Hope County "had so much" - land, life, freedom. Everyone was lost and in need of guidance, what Pastor Jerome refers to as "our help." But the people's pleas fell on deaf ears. That is, until an unnamed man entered the picture; he told the Montanans exactly they wanted to hear, and consequently led them down a dark path. "Those falsehoods, lies, his poison," Pastor Jerome begins, "it's driven them from pasture, from the righteous path."

And who better to steer the people in the right direction than Pastor Jerome? His video wraps on a sinister note, just as Nick's had: Pastor Jerome has a gun tucked inside his Bible - one he fully intends to use. He repeats his opening line, then reveals the clinching meaning: "Woe to the man who leads my flock astray, for if I am not their shepherd, then I must be the wolf." Pastor Jerome exist the church -- which is half-blown to bits, crumbling from ceiling to floor -- with a shotgun, a rifle, and a bulletproof vest in tow.


Rounding out the three Far Cry 5 characters is Mary, a 20-something blonde former bartender at the Spread Eagle and a long-time resident of Hope County. Mary grew up in the town, and even had her first kiss "with some dumb cowboy" outside the bar. She remembers her father fondly, recalling how he'd always kept the Spread Eagle safe, even when the disquieting "them" paid a visit. The camera pans in on a shot of a newspaper, which reads, "Saloon owner found dead."

Mary then explains that the religious cult of Far Cry 5 promised her family that they were there to help. But after presumably killing the man in charge (which may have been Mary's father, they took her mother and brother. But Mary won't go down without a fight, stating she'd never let the villains snatch up the remaining "Spread Eagle family."

She looks over at a bulletin board dotted with pictures of her friends, smacks a bottle of liquor on the bar top. Only it's not just an ordinary handle of whiskey or gin. Hanging from its mouth is a rag soaked in flammable liquid, indicating Mary's made a makeshift incendiary weapon. As her vignette ends, the camera pans back to reveal Mary's stash: dozens and dozens of Molotov cocktails and a stockpile of machine guns.

Far Cry 5 truck mailbox

In addition to this trio of character videos, Ubisoft also unveiled a full-length announcement trailer for Far Cry 5. The end slate confirms that the game will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February of next year. Sadly, this means that fans won't be able to interact with Nick, Pastor Jerome, or Mary for quite some time.

The bright side is that Ubisoft still has plenty to reveal at its E3 2017 conference in June. Who knows, perhaps during its presentation, Ubisoft will show off another three vignettes to get players acquainted with a few more Far Cry 5 characters. Here's to hoping.

Far Cry 5 releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 27, 2018.

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