'Far Cry 4' Trailer Features Wildlife, Underground Fighting & Villains

On the surface, the tale of Far Cry 4 might sound like someone's idea of a perfect holiday: take a trip away to southeast Asia, and immerse yourself in a Nepal-esque culture, landscape, and spirituality. As those who have followed the game know, though, that experience isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not when a tyrannical dictator sets you in his sights, and the country around you bursts into all-out revolution.

As the latest trailer for Far Cry 4 shows, players will be getting familiar with more than just the everyday citizens of the fictional country of Kyrat. Beyond stomping through the countryside and doing everything possible to survive in the chaotic open world that Ubisoft has concocted, the trailer gives a better sense of what central figures and areas players will need to traverse if they hope to foil whatever plans the villainous dictator Pagan Min has in mind for protagonist Ajay Ghale.

Unsurprisingly, given the amount of marketing that has been focused on Kyrat's wildlife, many of the obstacles posed will arrive in the form of massive or deadly creatures (for whom Pagan Min's forces are merely food or threats). But in the new trailer, it's revealed that the wilder side of Kyrat isn't limited to animals.

Far Cry 4 Trailer Arena Villains Wolves

For as chaotic as the open world may be, the ways which the developers are seeking to control that chaos - at least partially - will play as large a role as the unpredictable gameplay mechanics that will make the game a true Far Cry experience. We got to see how some of that will be attempted by playing a hands-on demo focused largely on the same Himalayan location as shown in the trailer. We saw firsthand how the weapons available - oh, so many weapons - weren't the only way to bring the fight to Pagan Min's forces.

With the reveal of the Arena, it seems players will be forced to tackle threats both human and wild head on; skills that will prove useful later on, we're sure. The trailer also shows that beyond the ground troops of Pagan Min, there will be just as many colorful characters out to harm Ajay Ghale as there are looking to help him.

What did you think of this recent trailer? Are you more interested in exploring the countryside and its people, or is it the combat that has you most excited for Far Cry 4? Sound off in the comments.

Far Cry 4 will be available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on November 18, 2014.

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