'Far Cry 4' Trailer: The Weapons of Kyrat

Far Cry 4 Weapons Trailer


Any Far Cry fan knows that the latest Ubisoft experience is only as good as the tools provided. Specifically, if the game offers a treasure trove of weapons, gamers are likely to have dozens of hours of fun.

To that point, we bring the latest trailer for Far Cry 4, which focuses exclusively on the forthcoming game's weapon selection. In addition, the trailer introduces players to the character of Longinus, who will be their weapons guide throughout the highly anticipated game.

While the trailer itself does not cover all the weapons Far Cry 4 has to offer, it does hit most of the high points. As expected, the game will include long range and short-range weapons, as well as a few creative options like the automatic crossbow and Kukri. Those two weapons will be of particular importance to stealth-focused players.

Far Cry 4 Weapons Trailer

As far as Longinus goes, his back-story is a fairly interesting one. According to Ubisoft, Longinus was once a domineering warlord before he was "born again." However, he was never able to escape his past sins and therefore fled to Kyrat to take up a new occupation.

Longinus is, of course, only one of the many colorful characters that players will encounter on their travels through Kyrat in Far Cry 4. Much like Far Cry 3, this fourth game puts a premium on performance and performance capture, and therefore every character players come across should be plenty memorable.

Take the game's villain Pagan Min, for example; here's a character whose aims are not quite evident but clearly has darkness lurking right under the surface. He also happens to have a significant connection with the player character, Ajay Ghale, but the nature of that connection is not totally clear.

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min Torture Trailer

And as a result, Pagan is a more morally grey antagonist than, say, Vaas was in Far Cry 3. He wants to be friends with Ajay at first, but we doubt that will last long.

Far Cry 4 is still over a month away from release, so be prepared for more looks at the game's many elements. This latest trailer is only a small part of what we expect to be a large-scale promotional campaign.

Which Far Cry 4 weapon are you most interested in playing around with? What do you think of the character of Longinus?

Far Cry 4 releases November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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