'Far Cry 4' Trailer Asks: Will You Survive Kyrat?

When the developers at Ubisoft first began showing off Far Cry 4, one message was clear: the fictional country of Kyrat acting as the game's backdrop would be just as deadly as the soldiers living within it. It began with the animals, able to either assist the player in their goal of helping a revolution rise, or crush them just as quickly - and hilariously.

So it's no shock that in the newest trailer for the game, highlighting the many forces looking to end the player's journey in one fell swoop, that wildlife once again plays an important role. But it speaks to the culture, the people and the visuals that the developers have called upon to flesh out Kyrat that by its end, even a rogue elephant may not be the game's most breathtaking feature.

The team at Ubisoft Montreal opened themselves up to some criticism when they decided to borrow so heavily from the people of Nepal, adopting much of their culture and spiritual tradition into Far Cry 4's world. Some players may take issue with the team's decision to borrow what they wished - they've explained why this game won't tell the real story of Nepal - but if this trailer illustrates anything, it's the the look and feel of the region has added greatly to Far Cry 4's open world.

Far Cry 4 Trailer Female Character

It's nice to see that it isn't just Assassin's Creed that gets some truly inspired marketing from Ubisoft either, as the pairing of Far Cry 4's imagery with a haunting cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" isn't what fans will be expecting. Although given the game's signature offbeat style, perhaps that will change before long.

Once the stirring vistas and vibrant colors of Kyrat are established, though, the true trademark of the Far Cry brand must take center stage: chaos. The developers have promoted the idea of each player taking their own approach to the game's mechanics, essentially claiming they have created a world that doesn't just support, but encourages chaos. And they'll be giving players more than enough firepower to make their mark on Kyrat's countryside, too.

No trailer for Far Cry 4 would be complete without its poster boy, the villainous Pagan Min. Going by the claims of the game's narrative director, there's a chance that Min might not be the most dangerous aspect of Kyrat at all - not in the way players expect, at least.

Far Cry 4 I Will Survive Trailer

This new trailer challenging players to enter the gauntlet that is Kyrat's landscape, combined with the previous gameplay clips showing that players will be introduced in an unconventional manner, all seems to be building Ubisoft's case that despite the '4' in its name, Far Cry 4 is something different.

Are you convinced that a trip to Kyrat will be worth the price of admission this Holiday season? Is it the story, the world, or the action that has managed to capture your interest? Sound off in the comments.

Far Cry 4 will be available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on November 18, 2014.

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