'Far Cry 4' Season Pass Details; Adds 'Valley of the Yetis' Mission

Far Cry 4 Season Pass Details

It should come as no surprise that Ubisoft's forthcoming Far Cry 4 is the latest title to join the Season Pass club. For several years now Ubisoft has been a regular supporter of the Season Pass, and that trend will continue with this fall's releases.

Far Cry 4's Season Pass will retail for $29.99 and will include a bevy of content for players. In total, the Pass offers close to a dozen new missions, a handful of new weapons, a new multiplayer mode, and a new animal type.

Although Ubisoft hasn't revealed release dates for their various Season Pass items, players will not themselves a Day 1 exclusive mission called The Syringe when the game hits in November. The mission can be played in both single player and co-op, and sees our hero Ajay Ghale trying to keep a recipe from falling into the hands of Pagan Min.

Other highlights of the Season Pass include a mission featuring a prison escape; the Hurk Deluxe Pack, which includes five missions and Hurk's harpoon gun; a new multiplayer mode called Overrun; and a expansion that features Ajay exploring an icy landscape. Oh, and we should mention that the expansion also features yetis. Yes, yetis. See below for full details on each piece of Season Pass content.

  • The Syringe – Available launch day exclusively for Season Pass holders, players must keep a rare and potent recipe from falling into the hands of Pagan Min’s forces. Playable in single-player and co-op, players will need to ensure that he does not use its devastating effects on the rebel forces.
  • Escape from Durgesh Prison – Ajay and Hurk have been rounded up and tortured in Yuma’s prison. On your own or with a friend, escape and survive the hostile lands of Pagan Min’s Kyrat.
  • Hurk Deluxe Pack – Five missions, including Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and the Hurk’s Redemption missions are available, along with an arsenal of new weapons including “The Impaler” Hurk’s harpoon gun.
  • Overrun – Team up as Rakshasa or Golden Path in this PvP mode and control a series of neutral locations across Kyrat’s countryside to protect them from being overrun by your opponents.
  • Valley of the Yetis – Ajay’s helicopter has crashed on an unforgiving Himalayan ridge. Explore the frozen landscape and find tools to upgrade your camp and protect it from a dangerous cult when night falls. With single-player and co-op options, players will not be alone, but in the darkest caves players will have more to fear than the cult as the yetis await their prey…

All told, the Season Pass for Far Cry 4 appears to offer a solid selection of content. As someone who plowed through everything Far Cry 3 had to offer and was still hungry for more, the promise of new missions and weapons is certainly intriguing, and will likely help sustain the experience for longer.

Far Cry 4 Season Pass

Speaking of that experience, Ubisoft recently revealed that their approach to Far Cry 4 differs significantly from Far Cry 3. Where FC 3 was about players exploring the world through the eyes of Jason Brody, this follow-up will allow players to tell their own story.

Obviously, Ajay Ghale is still the star of the game, but he will be acting more like an avatar for players' actions. Essentially that means Ajay won't be a fully voiced protagonist like Jason was.

"I think [Ajay] is different in the sense that my tastes run very much towards player agency, and therefore I like a character that gets out of my way. I don't want a character that is saying too much. He's very quiet, and so some people who want to be like riding on some 'Zero to Hero' narrative aren't going to be happy because they're like, 'He should react!' But I'm like, you're the player, that's you - you react. Are you happy or are you sad? When he's all "this is terrible" and you're more "ah, it's not that bad" - it just doesn't connect. So for me I think he's a different character in the sense that he doesn't try to speak for the player - he's a set-up for you. You're returning to the country of your birth, you're from somewhere else but you don't really know anything, and then you do what you want."

As Ubisoft also explains in a blog post, Ajay is "relatively thin" by design, and players will discover his connection to Kyrat as if it is their own backstory. With that, players will find that the NPCs in Far Cry 4 are more "nuanced" than those in the third game. Where Vaas was a bad guy through and through, Pagan Min will apparently be much harder to read.

The narrative in Far Cry 4 will also branch based on player's choices, more so than it did in FC 3. Adding up to an experience that feels unique to each player.

Will you buy the Far Cry 4 Season Pass? How would you like to see the sequel improve upon Far Cry 3?

Far Cry 4 releases November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Ubisoft, Eurogamer

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