‘Far Cry 4’ Setting, Release Date & Elephants You Can Ride

By | 3 years ago 

Back in November 2012, open-world first-person shooter Far Cry 3 released to critical acclaim, with many reviewers taking to its fast-paced, fun-focused gameplay that saw protagonist Jason Brody stranded on a tropical island with no way home, a gaggle of friends to save from a crazed gang leader, and a varied array of guns and weapons. The game was also a hit in terms of sales.

A sequel to Far Cry 2, a game that earned a few criticisms, Far Cry 3 put the series back on track and made it relevant. It even earned a lovable downloadable parody spinoff dubbed Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. According to new reports, Ubisoft is looking to continue series with the previously rumored gameFar Cry 4 and it could be coming next year.

Confirmed by Eurogamer, Far Cry 4 will launch the series into a new direction, putting the series’ next protagonist in the Himalayas against a far colder and snowier clime than what players have seen before, with this setting representing a 180 degrees spin away from the dense jungles and barren beaches that players were tasked with traversing in Far Cry 3.

According to the report, this is in an effort to include newer, more creative features to differentiate the game from other first-person shooters, with one of these features set to let players ride elephants. There’s no word on whether these will be offered as a mini-game, side activity, or as a serious method of transport but as the more adventurous examples of Far Cry 3 gameplay included shark fights and jet-ski stunt courses, we wouldn’t rule it out.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot - Melee Attack

In terms of how Far Cry 4 would be keeping it in the family slightly more however, Eurogamer’s source tells them that some of Far Cry 3’s gameplay features will remain, including crafting and hunting systems previously, where players were able to forage for plants and decimate the populations of local animals to craft upgrades and bonuses.

As for when we’ll see more on Far Cry 4 in a more official setting, the source suggests that we wait for E3 in June for Ubisoft to formally announce the title (they previously said to expect to hear more on the game “soon”) and we will also be able to expect them to announce the Far Cry 4 release date as “early 2015,” with the publisher wanting to release the game before the end of the financial year (which would end in March, 2015).

An earlier release – barring the usual Ubisoft delays on non-Assassin’s Creed titles – could be beneficial as a typical lull in large video game releases occurs at the beginning of the year. Theres must less competition there than in the overcrowded pre-holiday fall season.

Source: Eurogamer