‘Far Cry 4’ Videos Detail Map Editor & DLC Season Pass

One of the biggest challenges facing the gaming industry at present is keeping games fresh for players days, weeks, and months after release. With countless millions spent building a game, every extra day it sits in players' disc trays means a return on investment. Over the last few years, one solution has risen above the rest for nearly every major publisher: DLC.

So when Far Cry 4 was released this week, Ubisoft made sure to put just as much emphasis on the game's Season Pass as its over-the-top action. Including four DLC packs that promise new open-world missions, a new Hurk Pack, where players get to team up with Far Cry 3's Hurk, as well as a new PvP mode and additional weapons. Oh, and Yetis.

Far Cry 4 Season Pass and Map Editor

“Valley of the Yetis” will open up new campaign and open-world missions for players with, you guessed it, yetis! In addition to the Season Pass, players also have the opportunity to create their own Far Cry 4 adventures through the Map Editor. As shown in the video below, players can alter terrain and place foliage, buildings, NPCs, vehicles and animals wherever they please. Once the map is complete, the player can jump in and go nuts, or share the map with others.

The Map Editor is a unique concept that seems to be gaining more and more steam on consoles and AAA games (after being all but assured for PC releases of old). The recent success of Project Spark is a perfect example of prolonging conversation and attention, instead of simply enticing players to shell out extra cash for add-on content months down the road. Creating DLC content isn't cheap, either; by allowing players the opportunity to create worlds and share them with others, Ubisoft has empowered players to build the DLCs for them, in a way.

Unfortunately, maps created using Map Editor cannot be used in multiplayer matches. However, this may not be the case forever. Players can take comfort in knowing Ubisoft is at least considering it, according to Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal:


For more information about Far Cry 4, be sure to read through our first impressions article. What are your thoughts of the game so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Far Cry 4 is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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