Composer Confirms Involvement With ‘Far Cry 4’

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Far Cry 3 was a rejuvenating experience for the franchise. It was a game that took what was good about its predecessors, brought it into a bright new setting and went about taking on some interesting ideas with a focus on fun.

The game asked questions about accountability and how we interact with violence in games, while still being totally indulgent in its own hyper-violence. That and it gave gamers one of the coolest villains in recent memory by way of Vaas Montenegro. That was before it even dropped the ludicrous and referential DLC Blood Dragon. All of that helped make Far Cry 3 the best received and best selling game in the franchise.

That is why it should surprise nobody that the series seems likely to be getting a sequel. That’s according to Drive composer Cliff Martinez, even if Ubisoft probably didn’t want you knowing about it just yet. There had been rumblings in the past of the game’s development, but this seems the first solid confirmation. In an interview with Lost in the Multiplex, when asked what was coming up next on his slate, he said:

“I’m working on a video game called Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot Buck

This is likely a case of Martinez not knowing that the game hadn’t been announced yet and accidentally letting slip his next project before he should have done. There are sure to be some edgy phone calls going on because of the leak, but what exactly can be learned from Martinez’s involvement?

The most obvious is that Brian Tyler won’t be coming back to compose for the franchise after his brilliant work on the previous game. He is not the only one though with Far Cry 3‘s director, Patrick Plourde, and writer, Jeffrey Yohalem, off making a very different experience in Child of Light. It seems that whatever Far Cry 4 does end up being, it won’t be from the creative leads of the last one. That is normal for the series though, as the each game has so far had a new location and set characters, sharing only gameplay DNA to tie the franchise together.

Besides that, it is hard to say what else it tells us about Far Cry 4. Martinez has done several gritty inner city dramas such as Drive, the Lincoln Lawyer, Traffic and Narc. Whether that tells us anything about the location is pure speculation, but it is at least something interesting to consider.

Would you like an inner city Far Cry game? Where do you think the series should head next? Do you want to see ties to the previous story?

Source: Lost in the Multiplex