Far Cry 3 Action-Packed E3 2011 Walkthrough Video

Far Cry 3 will have players returning to the jungle in an attempt to stay alive – through any means possible. If that means you choose to sneak around and avoid confrontation until necessary or charge in a valiant last stand, it doesn’t matter. The choice is up to you and that’s what Far Cry 3 is all about, choice.

If you’ve been hungering for more game footage, fear no more, an alternate walkthrough of the E3 2011 video is now available for ocular ingestion.

Definitely one of our favorite game trailers of E3 2011, Far Cry 3 allows the player the option to engage on his or her own terms. The first E3 2011 walkthrough from Ubisoft was more stealth oriented, showing off the protagonist’s skills with a newly acquired machete and engaging in a gun fight – only when it became necessary. This alternate take on the E3 2011 build of Far Cry 3 is much more apt to show off the action-oriented approach, including the convenient use of a sniper rifle.

Open world shooters like the Far Cry games or Crysis are very big on allowing gamers to play around and find the best suitable option according to their preference – to engage in a game space. Far Cry 2 wasn’t as cooperative in that notion, as enemies had a superpower like omniscience that made stealth approaches almost impossible. Crysis 2, which allowed the player to engage in stealth as easily as pressing a button, enabled the kind of variety a player would want to choose and, per our Crysis 2 review, they did a good job of  meeting that goal.

Check out this new footage of Far Cry 3 below and rekindle your love of hunting and being hunted by the most dangerous game.


Even though the video was short, a whole mess of questions can be asked. Outside of the immediate monetary loot, the protagonist also picks up an SD card. In the earlier E3 2011 walkthrough, he is seen using a camera. How will the SD card play a factor in the game? Will photographs have to be taken and delivered for goods and services?

The usable zip line, one of the most awesome things in the world (but probably one of the most impractical things to use in a realistic gun fight) is capable of transporting the player quick – and in style.

Also noticeable, for fans of Splinter Cell: Conviction that is, is the detection system. No doubt implemented after the complaints of thermal vision enemies, the detection system will provide players with an improved visual indicator to help them ascertain concealment and enemy threat level.

Probably one of the most important pieces of confirmation in this video is the game’s Skill Point system. What will the skills be affecting? Is there a story-based reason for how the player gains these skills (similar to the Nanosuit 2 from Crysis 2)? Experience points seem to be rewarded in higher amounts depending on how stylishly you kill enemies – or if you use the environment to your advantage (ala Bulletstorm, perhaps?).

Far Cry 3 is certainly shaping up to change the way single player FPS games are played and, from the looks of it, Ubisoft is off to a great start.

Far Cry 3 releases in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: Joystiq