The more we’ve seen of Far Cry 3, the more of the game’s overall plot and mission structure is seeming to be kept under wraps. The newest look at gameplay sends protagonist Jason Brody into a burning mansion to save a damsel in distress, and promises that while Far Cry 3 may be a shooter at heart, that isn’t the only genre from which it will be taking influences.

While Far Cry 3 will be trading the African plains of the previous installment for the lush and colorful jungle of the original Far Cry, that doesn’t mean that fans of fire propagation are out of luck. The brand new trailer courtesy of GameTrailers sends Brody headlong into an engulfed jungle structure to save Lisa – apparently having undergone a name change since that spectacular cinematic trailer.

Regardless of the character’s name, it’s evident that the frantic pace Ubisoft is pursuing for the player will be extending beyond combat encounters. Several trailers have featured the open-ended use of guns and explosives, but despite the emphasis on shooting, this gameplay video shows that Jason and his friends will be up against more than just armed gunmen.

The developers have explained how each of the characters will be strongly developed over the course of the game, so it’s possible that Jason and Lisa’s escape from death will be occurring near the beginning of the game’s campaign. If that’s the case then this scene is somewhat less similar to the same shown off in Uncharted 3, but who better to emulate for a strong action set-piece?

Far Cry 3 Burning Trailer Jeep

Obviously the number of what appear to be first person cut-scenes stands somewhat at odds with the open-ended and exploration-focused environments that the team promises are present. But with a game that is apparently over 20 hours long through main story quests alone, there’s a good chance that several variations in gameplay will be present. And considering the drug-induced combat we already know about, a mansion on fire is the least memorable thing players will encounter.

What is your impression of this new looks at gameplay? Does this seem to be a strong place for the game to begin, or are you hoping that this is the only section of gameplay this heavily directed? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Far Cry 3 will releases on September 6, 2012, for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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