As players make their way through Ubisoft‘s beautifully rendered jungle in Far Cry 3 they will be encountering some not-so-beautiful characters along the way. In fact, many of the characters the player will encounter want nothing more than to watch them suffer.

While early trailers for the game have already introduced the game’s main antagonist Vaas and his obsession with insanity, the first in a new series of trailers also introduces Buck, a character who appears to be just as harmful to our hero’s psyche as Vaas.

While Vaas’ menace appears to be much more direct — through attacking tigers and lighting the player on fire — Buck’s diatribes appear to be a bit more helpful, however he still provides that jungle knowledge while brandishing a pretty big knife. Whether or not Buck will pose as big a threat as Vaas is unclear, but he’s obviously got just as many mental problems.

As well as some brief character moments for both Vaas and Buck, the first ‘Savages’ trailer showcases some of Far Cry 3‘s stunning visuals and its varied gameplay. While Far Cry 2 took traded the tropical locales in favor of African savannah, this sequel is bringing it home.

Far Cry 3 Savages Trailer

Far Cry 3‘s exploration of insanity is something gamers have been hearing about since the game was unveiled back at E3 2011, and it’s kept us captivated with some truly head-scratching sequences. However, it’s going to be how the elements seen thus far — the insane villains, the confusing scenes, the co-op, and the sandbox gameplay — come together that determines the successfulness of the game.

A delay into December had some fans questioning how polished the game may be, but the move could have arguably been to avoid the hectic fall onslaught that includes a few highly anticipated shooters (Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, just to name a few). We’ll see just how well the game plays, and discover just how insane Vaas and Buck are later this year.

What do you think of Vaas and Buck, two of Far Cry 3‘s “savages?” How would you like to see the game play with your sanity?

Far Cry 3 releases December 4, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.