Rumor Patrol: Far Cry 3 to See a Potential Release Date in 2010?

Far Cry 3 in Full Development

Far Cry 3, the third incarnation of the open world shooter that later evolved into the Crysis series (Crytek Studios developed the first Far Cry), may be seeing a 2010 release. A good bit of news for those who enjoy the first two games (at least the PC version of the first title) and I am certainly among those who are in anticipation.

We earlier reported that the game was already in full development, so it wouldn't exactly be a surprise. Where did this speculation come from? Where it usually does: a foreign video game retailer puts up the listing, specifically GAME and Webhallen, who each listed Far Cry 3 coming out in 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, with a Collector's Edition listing on Webhallen.

The description from Webhallen also provides further speculation as to what to expect:

"Rumours suggest this time the game will be played out in Africa but with an even larger world and with a completely updated Dunia engine."

It's very important to note that this is all rumor and Ubisoft has made no official announcement regarding targeted launch date or setting for Far Cry 3. I was a fan of the African setting in FC2 and the variety of characters that were available to play as or have as NPCs was incredibly interesting. However, I would like to have an expanded color palette; the tans and browns of the African landscape were a bit distressing to my eyes and I would love to see a higher injection of green. Although, that would just conjure up memories of Crysis, so it seems I've reached a bit of an impasse. As much as I would love to see a Far Cry game in an urban setting, it seems like Crysis 2 will be handling that duty.

I was slightly torn on how to feel about Far Cry 2. As a game, I thought it was incredible in scope, detail, and general gunplay. The problem was the rather repetitive mission structure and that I almost had to shoot my way past every checkpoint of a rival faction. I know I didn't have to shoot my way through and could have just driven/snuck through, but it's always nice to have trigger practice. In addition, the weapon "decay" system was really awesome for realism and made for some hectic gunfights.

Game Rant will keep our ears and eyes peeled for any and all Far Cry 3 news and bring it straight to you in the most crooked way possible.

Source: CVG

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