Collector’s Editions have become a facet of the gaming industry. Loyal fans, who are happily anticipating the release of blockbuster titles, usually don’t have a problem ponying up a little extra cash to score the sweet exclusive innards of a collector’s edition, so companies publish limited edition versions of their game for an increased price. It works well for both sides of the fence, and today Ubisoft announced that it will be doing exactly that with Far Cry 3.

The contents of the limited edition promise nearly two hours worth of additional single-player content, multiplayer weapons, and an adorable little bobblehead of Vaas — the main villain in Far Cry 3. Gamers interested in some limited edition content, a tangible survival guide, and a bobblehead, need look no further than the Insane Edition for Far Cry 3.

Scope out the specific details on the Insane Edition below:

  • A 12cm Vaas Wahine with bobble head!
  • Monkey Business – Discover Hurk, a new memorable character and quest giver, and his four unique missions (1 hour additional gameplay).
  • The Lost Expeditions -Two suspenseful action packed missions totalling over 40 minutes of additional gameplay and an exclusive weapon (The Japanese gun).
  • The Hunter Pack – The M700 hunting rifle and its three collector’s skins.
  • The Warrior Pack – A handcrafted dagger and two exclusive tribal tattoos.
  • The Predator Pack – Four exclusive rare predators and a multiplayer bow.
  • An ‘Insanity Guide’ containing hints and tips to help you survive the island.

Far Cry 3 Collectors Edition

Traditionally trailers detailing the contents of a collector’s edition can be boring, but Ubisoft has done a phenomenal job putting a twist on the generic formula. Currently the Insane Edition is only scheduled to release in the UK later this year, but Ubi will hopefully announce plans to bring the bundle over to North America — they’d be insane not to.

Far Cry 3 is scheduled to escape development and land on store shelves this September 4th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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