Far Cry 3 Gameplay Video Takes Us on a Magic Trip

Far Cry 3 Gameplay Video

If you checked out Game Rant's preview of Far Cry 3 last week, then you read about the drug-dabbling Dr. Earnhardt, with whom our protagonist Jason Brody has a run-in on his quest to escape the island and the ferally insane Vaas.

Taking advantage of his mysterious-island solitude, the good doctor seems to have a fancy for growing hallucinogenic mushrooms in a shed just outside his house - a house he paints every day. While perhaps not the steadiest hand for a surgical procedure, Brody is hurt, and Earnhardt claims to have knowledge of a "VIP treatment" he can employ in exchange for the retrieval of certain "ingredients."

After getting a brief dose of Earnhardt's medicine, Brody sets off to retrieve a set of cave mushrooms for him. What ensues is a scene that, to borrow from our very own Rob Keyes, seems very Tim Burton-esque. It's as if the Alice and Wonderland director had suddenly decided to consort with Michael Bay, and the end result was a mission that was equal parts glowing hands and exploding cargo ships.

The gameplay demo that Ubisoft showed us - which also begins with Brody laying siege to an enemy infested ship - has now made its way onto YouTube and can be seen right here:


By all indications from the footage, Far Cry 3 appears to be in an extremely polished state regarding at least a few single player campaign missions. Producer Dan Hay said during our preview that the team at Ubisoft Montreal was still holding back on revealving gameplay and story elements, but the new looks at some savage melee attacks and unique artistic directions are a nice complement to the cinematic Far Cry 3 trailer released last week.

If there's one thing the gameplay footage doesn't capture, it's the efflorescent beauty of Far Cry 3's tropical locale depicted in the recent batch of screenshots Ubisoft released (tricked out PC that they might have been grabbed from). If they can inject the same level of variety and smooth pacing seen above into a 20+ hour, solid shooter, it won't be long before even more excitement starts to build for this game.

Far Cry 3 releases September 4, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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