It’s been three years since gamers have heard solid Far Cry 3 news – as far as the game series goes. In 2009, a writer admitted he was working on the storyline for a new game. Fast forwarding to earlier this year, the title seemed poised for a 2011 release.

Now, with a splendid bit of sleuthing, a person by the Twitter pseudonym of Superannuation, we seem to have a solid idea where Far Cry 3 appears to be in terms of development, and it seems likely that there may be a reveal during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The game itself has appeared on a few resumes and CVs for industry workers, as well as stuntmen Lee Villeneuve and Stephane Julien, who both list the game on their tally of recent work (you can check that out for yourself here and there, respectively). People keen on doing future sleuthing may as well bookmark Lee’s CV, because he’s been hired for several other games in the motion capture department.

Likewise, an Ubisoft Programmer listed that he’s been working on the development of an ‘undisclosed first person shooter’, which features ‘exotic gameplay’, ‘scripted events’ and ‘cinematics’. The game in question is set for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so one could pretty easily peace together that it sounds like Far Cry 3. Fellow coworker Miguel Sepulveda lists an ‘Unannounced Action Triple-A Title’ under his workload. An action game with an exotic setting developed by Ubisoft? Sounds like a pretty easy fit.

While most in the industry follow the mantra of not listing unannounced games on their resumes, Ubisoft 3D Animation Specialist Marc Echave specifically lists it on his LinkedIn Profile.

With all the pieces falling into place, it seems more likely than not that Ubisoft will be preparing for a big reveal of the game during the E3 2011 Expo – when the eyes of the world will be focused on the game industry. Though, Ubisoft may have refused to comment on the state of Far Cry 3, we know it’s been on the table since at least 2009, and a 2012 release date seems like a perfect fit for the game.

What do you think about the prospect of an upcoming Far Cry 3 announcement?

Far Cry 3 will be the continuation of two well-received action shooters, and is expected to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.