Do you see that? Do you see that trailer above? That’s the type of experience we need more of in video games. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is no April Fools joke, and it may just be the most awesome FPS gamers have seen in quite some time.

Cut from an ’80s lover’s security blanket, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon might use the same engine as Far Cry 3, but it’s something completely different. This game trades Jason Brody for Rex Colt, a cyber soldier hell bent on stopping the apocalypse’s apocalypse. Specifically, Colt wants to stop a cyborg army from taking over the world.

While most expected Far Cry 3 to have some excellent expansions — especially considering the quality of the main game — it’s hard to imagine anyone saw Blood Dragon coming. However, it must be noted that Blood Dragon does not require players own Far Cry 3.

Early previews of Blood Dragon are circulating this week — perhaps to cut the game’s leak online off at the pass — and cluing players into the experience. As the trailer above briefly highlights, a lot of the basic concepts of Far Cry 3 are well preserved; only they have a futuristic twist. For example, instead of sharks and cassowaries, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has cyber sharks and mutant cassowaries — not to mention a cyborg T-Rex. Awesome, we know.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Trailer

Geographically speaking, Blood Dragon‘s open world is about the size of Far Cry 3‘s south island — where Jason Brody spends the latter portion of that game’s campaign. For $15, though, that’s plenty of futuristic landscape to explore.

There are clearly a lot of tiny details in Blood Dragon that won’t fully reveals themselves until the game launches in May. However, if you feel like securing your copy today, Steam is already taking pre-orders for the expansion/standalone game. Simply head here and put down your $15.

In a year that will see both Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Saints Row 4 launch within close proximity to each other, it’s fair to say that the absurd is making a resurgence in the realm of video games. The most important thing about doing it well is to commit to the bit and not pull any punches. Case in point: casting Michael Biehn as the voice of Rex Colt.

What do you think of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Even though it might not be what you expect from a Far Cry 3 expansion are you still interested in checking the game out?

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon releases May 1, 2013 on the PC, PSN, and XBLA.

Source: Eurogamer, Steam