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If you are one of the poor souls not already walking in the neon light of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, then the launch trailer should get the job done. The game’s launch is just one day away, and the developers at Ubisoft are celebrating not with a series of black-lit explosions or laser lightshows, but a new trailer that sets the stage for the arrival of Rex Power Colt. The face of gaming will never be the same.

Sargent Colt – a Mark IV Cyber Commando – may not be a hero in his own eyes, but bestowed with a robotic arm, neon throwing stars, and a list of one-liners that even Schwarzenegger would envy, we think he fits the role perfectly.

It seems like just yesterday we were scratching our heads over the first peek at Blood Dragon, the ’80s-themed expansion to Far Cry 3; trying to decide whether the developer could actually have that strong a sense of humor, or if it was all some elaborate April Fool’s day hoax. But now we know: not only is the studio committed to funding a project so outlandish and irreverent that it seems poised to rival Duke Nukem (that’s not the compliment it once was), but is letting the act extend into the game’s marketing as well.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review

The trailer once again lays out the ‘futuristic’ story and list of characters – we still prefer to see it told in ’80s cartoon form – that will be making this green and pink-hued orgy of blacklight and neon resemble some form of story or mission structure. But as we witnessed firsthand in the gameplay walkthrough complete with commentary from creative director Dean Evans, shrugging off missions and diving headfirst into the cyber-carnage is just as worthwhile an experience.

For those who haven’t been following Blood Dragon, the expansion is a complete conversion of every major gameplay feature and mechanic seen in Far Cry 3; since the game was one of last year’s best, that means this nostalgic action-movie-simulator is off to a strong start. Replace mercenaries and a jungle setting with evil robotic soldiers bent on ruling a post-apocalyptic wasteland and a laser tag arena, and you’ve got a battlefield tailor-made for Rex Colt.

We’ll have our review of Blood Dragon up soon, so be sure to stay tuned and see if the expansion manages to be more than just a good laugh. As the trailer proves, even that would be a worthy excuse to get lost in its techno-jungle for an hour or two. Did we mention there are robo-dragons?

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Iconic

Like we said, it releases tomorrow.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon releases on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 May 1, 2013.

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