Fan-Made Overwatch Trailer Adds Legend of Zelda's Link to the Game

Overwatch Link fan made

Although Overwatch certainly isn't a game known for guest fighters and crossover events (outside of Blizzard exclusive events), that doesn't mean fans can't still dream. With the super popular Blizzard shooter finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch next month, some fans are already going to great lengths to imagine what some Nintendo heroes might be like as official heroes in the game.

Perhaps its just from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate making so many crossover dreams come true on the Switch, but something about Overwatch on the Switch has got everyone longing for a Nintendo-exclusive fighter. Although neither Blizzard or Nintendo has hinted at that sort of content and it seems highly unlikely, one creative group of fans has put together a little teaser imagining what The Legend of Zelda's Link would look and act like in the Blizzard game.

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The video was made by a five-person team at [NOW PLAYING] and features a 50 second clip showing off how Link's Sword and Shield could be put to good use in the world of Overwatch. Let's just hope they doesn't have the durability of a Breath of the Wild weapon... The teaser is very well made and plays off of the Overwatch play of the game trope.

Although the addition of a Nintendo character to Overwatch seems basically impossible, Switch fans can still keep their fingers crossed for their favorite Overwatch heroes to make an apperance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate instead. That sort of crossover seems much more likely. We can already imagine how much fun it would be to head into a Smash Bros. match with Pharah as a new main.

Switch owners who haven't played the game yet may want to review these Overwatch tips for beginners before the game arrives in a few weeks.

Be sure to check back in the coming days for more Overwatch strategy guides, news, and updates as the Nintendo Switch release approaches. Until then, good luck out there, heroes!

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version releases on October 15.

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