An ardent and talented Half-Life 2 fan creates his own sequel to Valve’s beloved sci-fi franchise which is set to launch on Steam in February of this year.

Half-Life 2 fan and independent game developer Richard Seabrook has made a Half-Life 2 campaign that’s set to build upon the story of Half Life: Opposing Force. Known as Prospekt, Seabrook’s creation is scheduled to release on February 11, 2016 on Steam for PC players.

Prior to the fan-made Half-Life 2 sequel’s forthcoming release, Seabrook began the project last year as a way for him to show his game development skills to Valve in order to possibly land a job with the studio. Unfortunately, his bid didn’t pan out, so he posted Projekt to Steam Greenlight in June, and it was speedily approved, as it had Valve’s approval for the license and assets.

In order to understand the story of Prospekt, fans will need to have a basic primer of Half-Life: Opposing Force, which was a spinoff developed by Gearbox Software and designed by Randy Pitchford. So, for the uninitiated, Opposing Force featured the only appearance of Adrian Shepard, who was the 1999 release’s main character. Prospekt will continue Shepard’s story with him in the lead role.


According to Seabrook, Prospekt matches Half-Life 2: Episode One in length, and focuses on Shepard being summoned by the Vortigaunts to help Gordon Freeman – one of, if not the best silent protagonist in gaming – as he’s trapped in Nova Prospekt, with players getting teleported into the prison as backup. In all, Prospekt has 13 levels, and it pledges a “substantial, highly polished and totally new addition to the Half-Life 2 universe.”

This isn’t the first time that fans have decided to make their own releases in the spirit of Half-Life 2. As it happens, the Black Mesa mod that was put out a few years ago breathed new life into the game with tweaks all of its own and completely revitalized graphics, which added up to a wonderful remake. Bearing that in mind, Prospekt has the potential to give fans a great experience as well, especially since its story is a fresh take on the existing narrative.

Considering the wild popularity of the Half-Life franchise, Prospekt should to be a hit for Seabrook once it releases on Steam next month. If anything, it ought to at least briefly take fans’ minds off the fact that Valve has yet to continue the series with Half-Life 3. Maybe one of these days the studio will surprise us all with news about an official sequel finally being in the pipeline.

The fan-made Half-Life sequel known as Prospekt is set to release February 11, 2016 via Steam for PC.

Source: Steam (via PC Gamer, Polygon)