GR Pick: Fan Creates Emotional Pokemon Commercial


Pokemon fans create a touching video telling a story of a gamer who loved Pokemon as a child meeting the latest iteration - Pokemon Sun & Moon - as an adult.

Every gamer experiences nostalgia for a game they played years ago, and there's nothing quite like getting to relive that feeling with a new iteration of a classic. One group of video makers has created a short fan-made commercial depicting what it's like to be reminded of the joy of Pokemon.

The video, Pokemon: Evolutions, was created by a large team headed by director John Wikstrom. The video, like Nintendo's own Japanese ad for Pokemon Sun & Moon, says a lot without saying a single word. The video opens with a young boy plugging in Pokemon Red - presumably for the first time - into a Gameboy Color and quickly becoming enthralled with Pokemon, playing it and the Pokemon card game night and day. Viewers then see the child hiding under his covers, eyes widening at the sight of his starter Pokemon evolving. But with a single blink, that boy is replaced by himself as an adult, and it's soon clear that the joy and excitement of discovering Pokemon for the first time has been replaced by monotony and daily demands.

The commercial, seen below, offers a sweet ending that probably hits home with a lot of gamers who met Pokemon when they were young. Whether individual fans have stayed with the series the whole way or left only to return later on, Pokemon's reach to adults is now just as strong as it is to young people. But rather than just plugging in the original game and reliving the good times, players are instead able to embrace the sequels that offer just as much to discover as the original entries did.


While Pokemon isn't the only game that fans have continued to play despite their age, it's clear that the game has an unusual effect on adults. The vast majority of the player base of Pokemon GO has been adults, and it seems that Niantic and The Pokemon Company knew that would be the case. Pokemon GO encourages people to go out in the world to find Pokemon, which can make Pokemon GO fairly dangerous for young children. While not every adult can quit their job to play Pokemon GO, the mobile title and the original series still allow gamers to enjoy the latest evolution of the games they grew up loving.

John Wikstrom and the rest of the team behind Pokemon: Evolutions have done a beautiful job showing what it can be like to be reminded of the joy a video game can provide. While this ad is purely a fan creation, it'd be great to see it or another piece of work by Wikstrom and his team officially represent the Pokemon series someday.

Pokemon Sun & Moon will release exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th.

Source: YouTube

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