5 Famous Film Directors Who Would Make Awesome Games

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Though movies and games don’t always mix, there are some famous film directors whose visions could make killer video games. Movie tie-ins are usually mediocre at best, but applying a filmmaker’s approach to interactive storytelling has the potential for some really inventive gaming—especially when you’re talking about these five famous film directors.

Someday a Guillermo del Toro Game Won’t Get Canceled

It’s not Guillermo del Toro’s fault that he hasn’t made a game yet; he’s certainly tried. His original title Insane has been lost in development hell since somewhere around 2012; Sundown got canceled in favor of other projects; and the infamous Silent Hills debacle pulled the game right out from under his feet.

Not all famous film directors are well suited to games, but del Toro is an avid gamer himself, citing his love for Asteroids and BioShock as well as awe for “masterpieces” like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. And with his vision for eerie, dark fantasy à la Pan’s Labyrinth, he could make an amazing game in a similar vein. Del Toro is also adept at horror, and could make a truly amazing original horror-inspired IP, something like Amnesia where the story and terror intertwine. If only his games would quit getting canceled, we would get to see this adept film director take a stab at game development.

Quentin Tarantino Might Not Like the Medium, But He’d Still Make a Great Game

Death Proof Famous Film Directors

Tarantino might not be interested in the medium, but as far as famous film directors go, games made with his vision could be some of the best.

Unfortunately for the gaming community, Quentin Tarantino has repeatedly stated (in typical expletive-filled fashion) his lack of interest in video games, but we can still dream. His violent, exploitation-film aesthetic seems perfectly suited to gaming, whether it’s the maniacal driving of Death Proof or the Nazi-slaying alternate history of Inglourious Basterds.

While we probably won’t ever see a video game from this famous film director, his trademark hyper-violence, fast-paced dialog, and offbeat humor could complement a Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row-style game. Plus, his original and engaging approach to action filmmaking would pretty much guarantee the perfect blend of story and blood-pumping hijinks to keep us entertained.


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