'Fallout: New Vegas' Getting Three More DLC Episodes in 'Coming Months'

Fallout New Vegas 3 More DLC

After the "Dead Money" DLC that released for Fallout: New Vegas gave gamers a taste of what was in store for their intrepid courier outside of the main quest line - fans were dying for more.

While there were hints contained within the standalone quest at possible future DLC, Bethesda has officially announced that there will be three more pieces of DLC released for the post-apocalyptic sequel.

On top of the announcement that the DLC will be hitting virtual store shelves in the “coming months,” Bethesda also announced that the previously Xbox exclusive "Dead Money" will be coming to the PS3 and PC on February 22nd. The DLC is a heist-based standalone quest that introduces new characters, enemies, and weapons. To get the full scoop on that DLC read Game Rant’s review.

Beyond the announcements of three upcoming DLC and "Dead Money’s" release date on the other platforms, Bethesda was fairly stingy with the details. After filing three trademarks for various phrases, you would think that the company would be a little bit forthcoming, at least confirming the titles of the upcoming DLC.

Another important aspect of the announcement - the DLC will release on all of the platforms (sorry Xbox 360 exclusive fans) when it arrives in the coming months. With so many hot titles set to hit in 2011, including a few that have already been released, it's in Bethesda’s best interest to get their content out there while New Vegas is still on gamers’ minds.

It might have stumbled a bit at first, but now that the title runs smoother, it’s time to bring the content gamers want. As a standalone quest, "Dead Money" was a solid outing, but it didn’t do much more than provide an entertaining 5-hour distraction.

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Future DLC, if Obsidian is following Fallout 3’s suit, should do a better job of tying in with the main storyline - and could even, as hinted, expand upon the world of New Vegas. Without giving anything away, let’s just say that the storyline of the main game only scratches the surface of a much larger arc.

Whether the DLC that gamers are really looking forward to, releases first or last is hard to tell, but expect that Bethesda and Obsidian have some great things in store to close out the saga of New Vegas.

Are you interested in picking up three more pieces of DLC for Fallout: New Vegas? Do you think that with all the problems the title had from the start, that Bethesda might have thought about scrapping DLC and cutting their losses?

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