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Obsidian Defends Fallout: New Vegas GECK Engine

Most post-apocalyptic scenarios see the fall of government pretty early on. In Fallout 3, the government was very much a shadow of its former self and with Fallout: New Vegas, it's all but gone, run by various factions that the player may choose to align himself with.

Previous development diaries have talked about weaponry and sound design and the game's art style, but this one actually deals with more of the world itself. The running concept behind the Fallout series is war, so Obsidian Entertainment wanted to exemplify that point by having the three factions in the game, The New California Republic, Caeser's Legion, and Mr. House, wage war against each other.  Along with the three main factions, there are smaller groups that also have a presence in the world. All the factions have their varying problems within their organizations and it's up to the player to choose if they want to help fight for whatever cause.


As a Californian, I will most likely end up playing the game and supporting the NCR. Why not? It wouldn't hurt to lend them a hand in becoming the triumphant group on the West Coast. Although, players will need to be mindful of is how helping different factions will affect their reputations in the world. You might be persona non grata in New Vegas after helping the NCR so much. But then again, you might get some amazing NCR only items if you help them out.

I'm a big fan of choice in any RPG and I know that my allegiances are capable of changing at the drop of a hat. But that's okay, it makes things much more exciting in the scheme of the game. I'll make them pay for leaving me for dead, and if it means I'll end up blowing up the Hoover Dam, then so be it.

Ranters, are you looking forward to Fallout: New Vegas? What do you think of Obsidian's developer diary series?

Fallout: New Vegas lets you into the exclusive clubs on October 19, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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