Fallout Shelter Passes 100 Million Players

Fallout Shelter 100 Million Users

Bethesda has announced the news that Fallout Shelter, the post-apocalyptic vault simulator has surpassed one hundred million users since it originally launched on June 15, 2015. More than two years later Fallout Shelter continues to be popular for both fans of the Fallout franchise and those new to it.

To celebrate crossing one hundred million Fallout Shelter players, Bethesda is doing an in-game giveaway that starts today. Lasting for five days, Fallout Shelter players can log in to receive boosted daily rewards. Those rewards will include Lunchboxes, Nuka Cola Quantum, and other items totaling over $10 in microtransaction value across all five days. It's just Bethesda's way of saying thank you to all of its Fallout Shelter players.

Accompanying the hundred million players announcement, Bethesda also released an infographic filled with interesting statistics. For example, over one hundred million weapons have been crafted, over nine hundred million babies have been born, and more than one hundred and forty million vaults have been created in total. An especially fun statistic is that over a billion vault dwellers have been sent out to explore the wasteland, with almost three hundred and forty million of them dying on their journey. That's more than one in three wasteland explorers being sent to their doom. Thank goodness so many babies have been born to replenish the genetic pool.

Fallout Shelter 100 Million Users - Infographic

The takeaway is that Fallout Shelter is an outrageous hit and still growing in popularity more than two years after it initially launched on iOS. Launching in 2015 and then subsequently being released on PC and Xbox One in 2016 and 2017 respectively, Fallout Shelter has almost certainly grown above and beyond Bethesda's expectations. It would be great to see Bethesda directly compare Fallout Shelter's success to Fallout 4's. Fallout Shelter likely comes out ahead in many ways, which is probably why Bethesda keeps releasing new content for the game.

Rumors continue to swirl regarding a new Bethesda game being announced and launched before the end of the year. Don't be too surprised if it's another mobile game looking to continue Fallout Shelter's impressive track record.

Fallout Shelter is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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