New Fallout Game Announced, But it's Exclusive to China

Fallout Shelter Online exclusive China

A sequel to the game Fallout Shelter has been announced with player versus player gameplay. However, the game is exclusive to China and it's unclear whether Bethesda has any plans to release it outside of the country.

The Fallout Shelter sequel is called Fallout Shelter Online and it adds quests, exploration, and PvP combat to Fallout Shelter's base building gameplay. Fallout YouTuber JuiceHead and the publication MMO Culture have shared some gameplay from the new mobile game, confirming that players will be able to take their vault dwellers outside of the vault, going on quests to fight enemies and level them up. Players will also be able to battle each other in a 5v5 mode where they team up with others.

In the comments of JuiceHead's video, Fallout fans say that Fallout Shelter Online looks "amazing" but they may not get to play it. In August 2018, Pete Hines, Bethesda's vice president of marketing, was asked about the game and if it could be released in the United States and Hines said "it's developed in China, for China." Hines's reply seemed to confirm that in August 2018, Bethesda had no plans to release Fallout Shelter Online outside of China.

JuiceHead and the other Fallout fans in the replies of the video agree that it is strange for Bethesda to make the game exclusive to China. China is a huge market for mobile games but Fallout Shelter has been played by more than 120 million people in the west and is the most played Fallout game out of the whole series. So, Bethesda could be making much more money by releasing the game outside of China too.

The YouTuber also finds it strange that the trailers for Fallout Shelter Online have been recorded in English, if the game is made for players in China. One trailer for the game uses the same style and voice actor as the Fallout 76 trailers. It's unclear why Bethesda did this but JuiceHead speculates that it is so that it would make it easy to release the game in English speaking countries if the company did decide to do that.

Source: YouTube - JuiceHead, MMO Culture, Twitter - Pete Hines

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