Fallout Shelter Celebrates Halloween with Decorations


Bethesda celebrates the spirit of the season and updates its wildly popular free-to-play tap screen game by adding Halloween decorations to Fallout Shelter.

Today, Overseers who check in on their Vaults in Fallout Shelter will find lots of Halloween-appropriate décor adorning all of the nooks and crannies in the game's rooms, including hanging bats and ghosts, plastic skeletons, pumpkins, and even some stand-up coffins a la Dracula. Bethesda quietly added the features overnight, and announced the holiday decorations via the franchise's official Twitter account, saying it's “Halloween in the Vault.”

There's no mention as to whether or not the changes to Fallout Shelter are simply cosmetic, or if they will bring about any tricks or treats in the coming days. While the game hasn't featured any of the series' truly terrifying and grotesque nuclear abominations yet—namely, Ghouls, Centaurs, and Super Mutants—with Halloween a little over a week away, fans might want to make sure their Vault doors are sealed tightly, because there's no telling if more creatures that go bump in the night might come knocking.


Last week, Bethesda made some changes to Fallout Shelter with Update 1.2, featuring Survival Mode, the Mysterious Stranger, and the ability for players to save their game to the cloud. The fresh amendments built on previous adjustments, such as a patch that added a Photo Mode and fixed pregnancy issues involving female characters not being able to deliver babies properly.

With Bethesda continuing to provide such fun and thorough upgrades to the title, it's no wonder why Fallout Shelter remains so popular. In fact, after raking in over $5 million in its first two weeks for the iPhone, the free-to-play game continues to earn plenty of dough. According to the mobile games analytic company, ThinkGaming, Fallout Shelter currently sits at number 42 in the market's top grossing games for the iPhone, receiving an estimated daily revenue of $30,142 from the Apple device alone.

Taking Fallout Shelter's profits into consideration, what originally began as a simple promotional tool to hype the forthcoming release of Fallout 4 has now become a full-fledged game in its own right. Not only does the community management simulator garner millions of users a day, but it's also become a critically acclaimed title in both the App Store and Google Play, which only lends more credence to the claim that 2015 is the year of Fallout.

Fallout Shelter is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Fallout – Twitter (via Game Informer)

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