Fallout Shelter for Android Already Hacked

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Since its launch, Fallout mobile spin-off Fallout Shelter has proved to be a tremendous success. The title became the most downloaded free app in both the UK and US upon its day of release, going on to beat mobile monolith Candy Crush Saga in profits and iOS App Store ranking. The game has proved to be hugely addictive to boot, surpassing an immense total of 70 million play sessions per day.

Although Fallout Shelter initially was released only for iOS devices, it was not long before the title took to the Android operating system as well. Bethesda set a finite release date of August 13, 2015 at the beginning of this month, alongside a new update for the game. Within hours of the game being released on that date, however, the Android version of Fallout Shelter has already been hacked.

According to Reddit, one of the game’s users has hacked the Google Play leaderboards, jumping to the top of both the vault happiness and overall score leaderboards. If the huge jump in numbers between first and second place isn’t an obvious giveaway, the fact that the second- and third-placed accounts are clearly game testers may raise a few eyebrows.

Fallout Shelter Hacks

Although the hack won’t have any effect on the actual gameplay, some may find it frustrating if they were looking to play Fallout Shelter with a bit of a competitive edge. However, leaderboard hacks are an ongoing problem with Android titles, and as such players may not be surprised at the news. Nonetheless, this is an area that may need addressing sooner rather than later.

So far, Bethesda have been very alert when responding to bugs, such as an error that led to pregnant vault-dwellers being unable to give birth. Although the hacked leaderboards are a very separate issue to any bugs in the actual game that have been amended, Bethesda’s decisive action previously may give those who want the leaderboard problems to be solved a little hope. After all, with Fallout Shelter continuing to be a financial success, pulling in an impressive $5.1 million in just 2 weeks, it’s certainly worth Bethesda’s while to keep fans happy.

Of course, Bethesda might have more than just Fallout Shelter to keep it occupied at the moment. The mobile game is acting as a springboard for the highly-anticipated Fallout 4, and even includes characters from the upcoming ambitious release. Let’s hope that Fallout 4 has an even bigger fan reaction than its mobile cousin.

Fallout Shelter is out now for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit