Fallout Shelter Earned $5.1M in First Two Weeks

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It’s certainly no secret that most gamers are sitting on pins and needles in anticipation for the upcoming November release of the already award-winning Fallout 4. With that in mind, ardent followers of the extremely popular post-apocalyptic RPG series have had to little else to do other than while away the hours in veritable vaults of their own, as they wait for the game to come out. With that in mind, there’s really no better way for fans of Bethesda‘s irradiated franchise to pass the time than to become Overseer of a virtual wasteland population in the developer’s free-to-play mobile game Fallout Shelter.

Ever since the title became available for iOS devices, Fallout Shelter has been incredibly successful as far as sales and downloads go. With its fun and quirky sensibilities, the community simulation game went on to dethrone the once-dominant Candy Crush Saga, and earn the #1 spot in the free app store. In fact, soon after its release, Bethesda made the announcement that Fallout Shelter had far surpassed the developer’s reasonable expectations, by averaging out with roughly 70 million plays per day. With all of that in mind, the June marketing data released today by the number crunchers over at SuperData Research should surprise absolutely no one, as Fallout Shelter earned $5.1 million during its first two weeks of availability.

Regarding the matter, SuperData’s chief executive Joost van Dreunen praises Bethesda, saying:

“In a stroke of marketing brilliance, Bethesda managed to win E3 early by delivering a superb press conference and launching a top-grossing mobile game in its wake. Originally developed as a marketing tool for the release of its upcoming Fallout 4, the mobile game is a hit in its own right . . . on the iOS top-grossing charts.”

Fallout Shelter Earned $5.1M in First Two Weeks

Naturally, Fallout Shelter‘s recent financial feat has put the game alongside other lucrative mobile triple-A spinoffs, such as Call of Duty: Heroes, Halo: Spartan Assault, and Heroes of Dragon Age on iOS and Android. However, Bethesda’s unique title has become far more successful than any of its other tap-screen contemporaries. SuperData’s Joost Van Dreunen elucidates why this is the case, saying, “By emphasizing unobtrusive monetization and offline playability, Bethesda managed to earn the respect of a consumer group that is otherwise highly critical of free-to-play monetization.”

Ultimately, by remaining a reliable developer with its updates — a recent patch’s addition of a photo mode and its fix of the game’s pregnancy feature were a nice touch — Bethesda is nuking the competition in terms of overall quality. Not to mention, Fallout Shelter‘s bottom line should undoubtedly continue to grow after its release for Android in August.

Fallout Shelter is available now for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Source: SuperData (via VentureBeat)