Big Fallout Shelter Patch Adds New Features


Bethesda rolls out a new update for Fallout Shelter, bringing back holiday cheer and introducing brand new quests, rewards, and faction-based room themes.

The last of Fallout 4's official expansions rolled out back in August, but that isn't keeping Bethesda from working on its spin-off title, Fallout Shelter. A new update has now released for the mobile game, introducing a bevy of new activities for the Overseer and their vault dwellers to partake in.

Fallout Shelter's new update includes the return of last year's holiday-themed decorations, starting with Halloween for the month of October, and continuing through November and December with Thanksgiving and Christmas, respectively. However, there are plenty of new surprises in store, too. Players who download the 1.8 update will now be able to build a Theme Workshop that will allow Overseers to add themes to their vault's rooms, based off of the four major factions in the game: the Minutemen, the Railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Institute. In order to create these themes, players will have to send their vault dwellers out on quests to seek blueprints, similarly to building weapons and outfits in the game. Once installed, players can turn the themes on or off at will. In addition, special holiday themes will be available for a limited time during the appropriate seasons.

Quests are also getting an update, with a fresh batch of quests rolling out to keep the game mechanic interesting, including holiday-themed quests. Vault dwellers will be able to find holiday-themed outfits as rewards for completing quests, as well.


Lastly, iOS players will get a new batch of Fallout Shelter stickers that can be deployed in messages with friends. The new batch includes some Halloween-themed stickers, so presumably more holiday stickers will be around the corner as the months roll by. Unfortunately, Android and PC players are left out of this part of the update.

Rolling out last year's room theme Halloween easter eggs is one thing, but the fact that Bethesda is still providing substantial amounts of content to Fallout Shelter is probably a pleasant surprise to most players. Of course, while Bethesda has always been adamant about Fallout Shelter's microtransactions being optional, mobile gaming is big business, and Fallout Shelter is the most-played game of the Fallout universe. Making the effort to keep Fallout Shelter fresh and keeping gamers coming back will probably help Bethesda to continue making a sizable profit off the title, while simultaneously keeping gamers happy.

Fallout Shelter is available now on Android, iOS, and PC.

Source: Bethesda

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