Fallout Power Armor Helmets from GameStop Are Being Recalled [Updated]

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UPDATE: It has been brought to Game Rant's attention that only a subset of 35 of the sold helmets are under recall. The recall only includes the Fallout 1:1 Power Armor Nuka Cola Helmets with a red painted finish and white exterior tubing. Other versions of the helmet sold as part of a bundle or separately are not affected, and customers who purchased the affected helmets have been contacted directly regarding the recall.

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Around 20,000 units of the Fallout Power Armor Collectible Helmets, sold exclusively at GameStop, are being recalled. The recall was issued on September 19, and states that the Fallout Power Armor Helmets have an issue where mold is forming inside of the helmet. Risks associated with the Fallout Power Armor mold including "respiratory or other infections in individuals with comprised immune system, damaged lungs, or an allergy to mold." GameStop is reaching out to people it knows purchased the Power Armor Helmet, and anyone who does own one can contact the company to get a full refund.

Some reports have online have incorrectly stated that the Fallout Power Armor helmet recall is in regards to the expensive Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, but this is instead a collectible that's sold exclusively at GameStop, not as part of a Fallout 76 bundle. It's unclear if the collectible is based on Fallout 76 specifically or not, as the T-51b Power Armor has appeared in virtually every Fallout game since the franchise's inception.

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Regardless, the Power Armor helmet mold issue is not a good look for either Bethesda or GameStop. In Bethesda's case, the company has had to do a lot of work to win back trust from fans after Fallout 76's disastrous launch. Besides issues with the game itself, the Fallout 76 launch was also marred by merchandise issues, with Bethesda giving away nylon bags in place of the canvas bags that were promised to those who purchased the Collector's Edition.

As for GameStop, the company is in a tough spot right now, and any scandal could potentially hurt its reputation even further. GameStop's stock price has plummeted in recent years, and the company has been forced to lay off staff, including Game Informer writers. While product recalls aren't necessarily a huge deal in all cases, it still may be enough to keep some consumers from spending money on GameStop products.

GameStop is rebooting itself in an attempt to stay afloat, closing down some stores while experimenting with new looks for its remaining ones. Whether or not this strategy succeeds remains to be seen, but the company may be able to bounce back somewhat if it stays afloat long enough for the next-generation consoles to launch.

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Source: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

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