10 Plot Holes In Fallout That Were Never Explained

Fallout is, without a doubt, one of the biggest video game franchises out right now. Sure Fallout 76 left a sour taste in a lot of fans' mouths, but that doesn’t mean the entire series is ruined. Just like the survivors in Fallout’s apocalypse, they keep pressing on.

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Besides playing the games, there is always something new to explore in the community whether that’s based on cosplay, fan art, or diving into some crazy theories on inconsistencies. Guess what this article is going to tackle? The following entries are some great examples of plot holes and just things that don’t make a lot of sense in Fallout. And remember, at the end of the day, these are just fun musings that don’t make these games any less fun.

10 How Does Anyone Know Your Karma?

One of the coolest aspects of the Fallout series that sets it apart from other open world RPGs is the karma system. Being able to talk one’s way out of conflicts is an amazing feat and opens the door for more passive playthroughs. As inventive as it is it isn’t perfect. How one faction knows of the main character’s betrayal hundreds of miles away when communication services barely exist is baffling. It’s a cool gameplay mechanic, but one that doesn’t make sense within the lore.

9 Fallout 76’s Premise

From the very moment Fallout 76 was announced something didn’t feel right. As just one example, what exactly was the plan with Vault 76? Open up after the radiation has dissipated in order to create a new world?

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That’s a noble cause, but why then are players venturing out by themselves? Shouldn’t this have been more of a RTS, or Sims like game instead? It should be about repopulation. What happened to everyone else? NPCs from, presumably, the Vault are getting added in with a later patch, but where were they before?

8 Surviving Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas opens up with the player, known as the Courier, being shot in the head and then buried in the ground. That should spell the end for him/her, but thankfully a doctor saves them. This is a doctor with magic apparently. That’s the only way the Courier could have survived. Being shot in the head is one thing. Bullets can miss the brain, but being buried under radiated soul? That is a completely different scenario. This is a game with giant monsters after all so maybe magic isn’t that far off.

7 Kellogg, Shaun, And 60 Years Of Confusion

The plot of Fallout 4 revolves around the player’s son, Shaun, being kidnapped. One of these kidnappers is named Kellogg. Now players then awaken 60 years later in order to find that the world has been destroyed after the bombs hit.

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In that time period Shaun ages appropriately as seen toward the end of the game. Kellogg on the other hand does not age. He could be a Synth, but that is never really detailed in the story. On another note, why is only the spouse murdered and not the player? There’s something missing here.

6 The Fawkes Dilemma

There is a climactic choice players must decide upon at the end of Fallout 3. Who goes in the radiated room in order to save the world by stopping destruction? Players can choose to die, or they can send in a companion who will complain but obey.

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Either way the choice feels terrible to make. That is unless Fawkes is there, the semi-intelligent Super Mutant companion. He can withstand radiation no problem so why then is there even a choice if he is there? He should interject and be like, “Yeah, I got this one guys.”

5 Brotherhood Of Steel’s Tech

Not to sound like Jerry Seinfeld, but what’s the deal with the Brotherhood of Steel? Are they good? Are they bad? Actually, let’s not dive into morality right and instead focus on their technology. Namely the Vertibirds, which are high tech helicopter/plane hybrids. These things are all over the place in Fallout 4. How? How can something so sophisticated exist in the wasteland? On top of that why aren’t the Brotherhood of Steel using the Vertibirds more like to help those in need? There are still so many questions.

4 Machete Explosions

Getting a critical hit with a weapon is great especially when it results in the enemy’s body exploding all over the place. It makes sense for high intense artillery like shotguns, but how exactly do melee weapons cause this to happen?

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The machete was thrown into the title just to be catchy, but this entry is across the board for all melee weapons. Using a brass knuckle is actually crazier, right? Maybe players have inhabited the power of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star.

3 Weight Limits

On the subject of weapons, let’s discuss weight limits. First of all any game that uses them is terrible in that there is always an inconsistency. If there were logic to it then perhaps this writer would lean off developers a little.

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For example, one can carry as much ammo as one needs so let’s say a thousand bullets. In real life that would weigh a lot, but not in Fallout. And yet other stuff does. Where is all this gear being stored by the way? Again, it’s all so inconsistent.

2 The Health System

The health system is bizarrely unstable. For example, using a Stimpak to heal a bullet wound makes sense. Let’s say the technology is based on something like nanomachines, which would then explain how a damaged, or missing appendage can seemingly grow back, or be healed. That all can be explained away, or there is at least a plausible theory. What doesn’t make sense is healing by eating, or drinking anything. Toilet water is supposed to heal a stab wound? What world does that happen in?

1 Why Leave The Vault?

Here is the biggest question in the entire Fallout universe. If one is safe inside a Vault, then why leave? Sure, it can claustrophobic being under ground and in the same environment all the time, but so what? Survival is of the upmost importance. On another note why are so many of them based on weird experiments? Hopefully the games will tackle the Vault-Tec Corporation someday in order to uncover their mischievous ways. Something is not right about them.

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