Forget the smartphone case that shipped with the Limited Edition, this Bluetooth Pip-Boy is as close to the real Fallout 4 accessory as fans are going to get.

While a lot of attention was paid towards Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition complete with Pip-Boy accessory, most fans knew it was hardly the real thing. Truthfully, the Pip-Boy included with the expensive Fallout 4 package was nothing more than a smartphone case, capable of mimicking Pip-Boy functionality via an app.

Now, however, Bethesda is ready to unleash the big guns – a Bluetooth Pip-Boy that actually functions a lot more like the real thing. Whereas the Pip-Boy that was scalped on eBay was a glorified iPhone case, this is more like a Pip-Boy and iPhone hybrid.

Those curious about this Bluetooth Pip-Boy should act fast, as Bethesda only has 5,000 available for sale. And as we learned with the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4, collectible accessories like these are in high demand, and once these are gone there will be no more in stock. That being said, the Bluetooth Pip-Boy will retail for $350, so it may be a little easier to acquire.

That doesn’t mean the device isn’t cool, though; this is a fully functioning Pip-Boy complete with working dials, knobs, and buttons. All owners need to do is sync the Pip-Boy with their smartphone of choice and they can answer calls, respond to text messages, and play music. In essence, the Pip-Boy can preform all of the basic functions of its in-game counterpart, right down to playing historically accurate soundtracks. It also comes with a charging base that doubles as a perfect display for the device.

bluetooth pip boy display

fallout pip boy answer call

As of yet, Bethesda has noted announced a release date for the Bluetooth Pip-Boy but the store is taking pre-orders. Again, the development studio stresses that the device could be in extremely high demand so anyone who really wants it, and has $350 to burn, is encouraged to stake their claim on one now. Better to reserve one now and cancel later, than to pay double on eBay once you realize how cool the device is.

While this Fallout 4 memorabilia may have been more popular closer to launch, that doesn’t mean the Fallout hype train has slowed down. With the recent addition of mods for Fallout 4 on Xbox One, Bethesda has seen massive interest from fans, and that’s only on one of two current-gen platforms. Couple that with this week’s announcement of the Nuka World DLC at E3 2016 and it’s fair to say that interest is rising back up for one of Bethesda’s flagship franchises.

Fallout fans can pre-order the Bluetooth Pip-Boy here.

Source: Bethesda