Bethesda 'Fallout Online' Injunction Denied, Interplay to Continue Development

Fallout Online Injunction Denied

While we are still a long way off from the release of the Fallout Online, gamers might have moved a bit closer to seeing what Interplay and Masthead Studios are working on as Bethesda’s interim injunction has been denied.

For those that might not have been following the news regarding the Fallout Online, it all boils down to a presumption on Interplay’s part that all story points, characters, and other elements from the Fallout universe would be free reign. Unfortunately, Bethesda, who clearly wanted to keep their property’s direction well within their purview, didn’t like that idea and filed an injunction to halt development on the MMO.

Since Bethesda is now in ownership of Fallout publication rights, that puts Interplay, who at one time were in control of those rights, at the whim of Bethesda. It’s actually a ironic turn of events, Interplay now being told how to handle the property they initially published, but one has to give credit to Bethesda for reimagining the property, and bringing it back into the limelight.

Now, since the courts have currently ruled in favor of Interplay, development can continue, but that doesn’t mean the title will ever see the light of day. Interplay, as only the licensee of Fallout, must still answer to Bethesda before releasing the MMO. So, yes they can continue to work on it with Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas elements thrown in, but if Bethesda doesn’t approve, it’s still dead in the water.

There’s a ton of potential contained within a Fallout MMO, or any Bethesda property for that matter, but ultimately, when not developed by Bethesda themselves, there’s going to be serious trepidation for gamers. Fallout 3 was a definite high point, and New Vegas, though developed by Obsidian Entertainment, was a passable successor, but an MMO is an entirely different beast.

Still, Interplay should hold a pretty special place in gamers’ hearts (they developed classics like Earthworm Jim and MDK), making the MMO a little more enticing.

Do you think that people will be interested in a Fallout MMO that isn’t developed by Bethesda? Will this MMO ever see the light of day?

Source: Joystiq

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