Microsoft announces that Fallout: New Vegas is now available for download with the Xbox Backward Compatibility program, allowing Xbox One gamers in on the action.

Microsoft has kept busy working on its promise to continue pumping out backward compatible titles for the Xbox One, and the latest title to join the growing library is none other than Fallout: New Vegas. Obsidian’s entry to the popular Fallout franchise was a big hit with fans, and garnered positive reviews back when it released in 2010.

Gamers have been asking Microsoft to bring the courier’s story into the next generation of consoles ever since backward compatibility became a possibility on Xbox One, and it’s clear Microsoft was listening. The company didn’t hint at any Fallout: New Vegas release before today, and simply made the surprise announcement casually via Twitter.

The game’s Bethesda-produced predecessor, Fallout 3, was one of the initial 104 titles announced for backward compatibility. It goes without saying that New Vegas is one of the most popular single-disc titles that still had yet to make it into Microsoft’s backward compatible library, so while this announcement isn’t surprising, it’s a move that will make plenty of console-based Fallout fans happy – especially since it comes so quickly after the launch of modification support for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One. Evidently, it’s a good time to be a Fallout fan.


While fans have been waiting earnestly for New Vegas to become a backward compatible title, Obsidian has made it quite clear that the studio is interested in making a sequel to New Vegas. One of the developers recently said it was a very fun property to work with, echoing the sentiment that most of the studio staff would likely be excited about the possibility of bringing New Vegas back in an even bigger way than just backward compatibility.

Now that the game has been on store shelves for almost six years, veteran fans of the series have beaten it in just about every way imaginable: someone already beat the game without healing, while another intrepid Fallout: New Vegas fan has managed to complete the game in 20 minutes by using a combination of exploits and linguistic tricks to minimize his playtime. We expect the average gamer who explores the land of New Vegas via Xbox One may take a little longer to complete it this time around, provided they simply want to take in time to appreciate the sights of Obsidian’s entry to the iconic franchise.

Fallout: New Vegas is currently available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and now Xbox One via backward compatibility.

Source: Twitter