Fallout: New Vegas UK TV Spot Shows Tap Dancing & Explosions

Fallout New Vegas Super Mutant Punched

The world of Fallout is a harsh one. It's filled with Super Mutants, crazy wildlife, and in some places, giant dinosaur statues. Fallout: New Vegas will be in possession of all three of those things and more, according to a brand new UK TV spot.

While only a minute long, the latest Fallout: New Vegas video advertisement does a good job of conveying all sorts of things the wasteland explorer will happen to run into. You won't step into the shoes of an individual who has lived in a vault, but rather a simple courier who got caught up in some bad Wasteland politics. So take a gander at the trailer and see if there's anything New Vegas can't get you.

The trailer is very reminiscent of the old Fallout 3 TV spot with the old time music playing in the background while all the ridiculous violence goes on in the background. The trailer does show an awful lot to do, namely all the things that you will end up shooting, punching, or blowing up. Don't forget about all the gambling you can do, NPCs to help out (probably by shooting, punching, or blowing someone/something up), and general exploration of the vast world that made Fallout 3 so engaging.


What I found myself intrigued about New Vegas the most was the re-visiting of one of my favorite settings from Fallout 2. Being a California resident, the prospect of seeing what California could look like after a nuclear apocalypse is far too interesting to pass up.

Although New Vegas sounds like it will be a standalone experience, with a possibility of a definitive ending, I'm not so put off by that, so long as the game is fun during the time I will be playing it.

Still hungry for information on New Vegas? You can check out this recently released developer diary, the achievement list, or figure out who you want to pre-order from.

Fallout: New Vegas still promotes sin and vice on October 19, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: VG 24/7

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