'Dead Money' Trailer for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas Dead Money Trailer

Fallout: New Vegas (read our review here) proved that no matter where a player goes during a nuclear apocalypse they are sure to find trouble. Now that many have completed the main quest and made that very important decision, they might be looking for something a little more engaging than some of the lackluster side quests in the game. Obsidian has swooped in just in time to deliver a new trailer for "Dead Money," a standalone quest in the New Vegas universe.

The trailer for the DLC sums up the plot very nicely. As a standalone story to the main game, players will inhabit the persona of a prisoner given the option of robbing a vault or death. Working together with three other companions, the player will have to ensure all survive or else they will be destroyed by a mechanical collar secured to their neck.

Though the quest itself, robbing the Sierra Madre Casino, may seem simple on the surface, there are sure to be plenty of obstacles thrown in a player's way. New enemies in the game, like the mysterious hooded figures, seem to be both aggressive and agile. Hopefully, there is a vast supply of new weapons with which to dispose of them. Take a look at the trailer below:


Story has always been the series’ strongest point, and by the looks of things, "Dead Money" is no different. It packs the intrigue of a succinct heist story and couples it with the desperation of life, post-nuclear apocalypse. Don’t be surprised if one or all of the members of your troop attempt to double cross you in some way. It is Fallout: New Vegas after all.

Bethesda and Obsidian have worked hard to get many of the game-breaking bugs out of New Vegas, so "Dead Money" will hopefully provide more entertainment than frustration. If Bethesda's track record with Fallout 3 is any indication, players can hope to enjoy a bountiful selection of DLC throughout the lifespan of New Vegas. With an arguably shorter main quest, let’s hope that Fallout: New Vegas has some DLC is in the works to extend that experience as well.

Are you interested in playing a standalone story set within the New Vegas world? What other types of DLC storylines would you like to see Obsidian explore?

"Dead Money" releases for Fallout: New Vegas on December 21, 2010, for the Xbox 360.

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