Modders recreate the first Fallout in Fallout New Vegas, answering the prayers of any gamers who wanted to play the original game in the series’ new format.

There has sometimes been a large gulf between fans of the original Fallout games and the more recent Bethesda offerings. However, some intrepid modders have recently attempted to bridge the gap between the two different game styles. In fact, the Fallout New Vegas modding community is offering up a chance to play the entirety of the original Fallout using the more recent gameplay style.

Titled Fallout: The Story, the currently in-development mod is aiming to give a full makeover of the first game in the much-loved Fallout franchise. Bringing the former isometic RPG into a 3D environment is no easy task, but it seems as though the modders have made some serious headway with the project already. The mod already includes two completed Vaults, with work progressing well on other settlements including The Hub and Shady Sands.

The Fallout series has, of course, recently seen the release of the fourth game in the main series. Fallout 4 was released on November 10 to rave reviews across the board. Offering up an impressive and immersive open world, as well as a thrilling main quest and improved gunplay, the title has proved to be a must-have item for gamers at the end of the year.

However, the success of the most recent Fallout games have sometimes delivered a bit of a conundrum. Modern gamers who first fell in love with the franchise over Bethesda Fallout releases have not always had the easiest ride when trying to play the earlier games in the series. The original titles are vastly different from their more modern counterparts, with a much less forgiving difficulty level and an entirely different viewpoint and combat system.

The mod may also prove of interest to old-school Fallout fans that have been less than impressed with the series since Fallout 3. Recently, more details were released on Fallout Van Buren, the cancelled attempt by Black Isle to create its own Fallout 3. After the game was cancelled in 2003, in the middle of Interplay’s financial woes, the rights to Fallout fell into the hands of Bethesda, who continued the series with a very different feel.

As of yet, there is no finite release date for the mod over at its Nexus page, but given the amount of work that has already been done on the project, hopefully gamers interested in the project will not have long to wait. Since Bethesda bedfellow The Elder Scrolls regularly receives modded remakes such as Skyblivion, perhaps fan-made recreations could become a regular staple of the Fallout series as well.

Source: Nexus, YouTube