Following in the footsteps of past Bethesda titles set in the post-apocalyptic world of FalloutFallout: New Vegas will be continuing the trend. Bethesda has previously announced three new DLC packs that promise more adventure in the West Coast Wasteland, now they have descriptions. The last DLC released was ‘Dead Money’, which we conveniently reviewed for you.

The three DLC packs will be releasing at a rate of one a month, starting in May and ending in July. Each addition will cost 800 MS Points, or $9.99 PSN. So what kind of shenanigans will these new adventures take you on?

‘Honest Hearts’ takes the player to Zion National Park in Utah, acting as a bodyguard for a caravan that gets ambushed. This action will lead the player to a tribal war that will “determine the fate of Zion”. That could mean nearly anything, but probably implies that it’s up to the player to decide which tribe will survive. ‘Honest Hearts’ releases on May 17.

‘Old World Blues’ will give players a bit more insight into how the various mutants of the Mojave Wasteland came into being. The player is kidnapped to act as the subject of some twisted experiments. Eventually, the player will be able to choose to work with your kidnappers to stave off a larger threat, or embrace vengeance and take them all out. The choice seems obvious, but if there’s a larger problem than mutants, that could create some hard decisions. ‘Old World Blues’ releases in June, but no specific day has been given yet.

The last DLC, ‘Lonesome Road’ will reunite the player with the courier that rejected the job at the beginning of New Vegas, thus beginning your own adventure. From there, the player travels to the ‘Divide,’ a harsh earthquake-ravaged domain that claims the life of all who explore it. It would be interesting if the ‘Divide’ turned out to be the Grand Canyon, but in the world of Fallout, it could be anything. ‘Lonesome Road’ will release some time in July.

New Vegas DLC Honest Hearts Lonesome Road

These new three Fallout: New Vegas DLC offerings sound promising, and most importantly, worth the price. Expansions in the world of Fallout, whether it be on the East Coast or West Coast, have usually been very interesting and added tons of depth to the world. Whether or not these new additions will live up to the kind of caliber seen in previous DLC releases can only be known once they release.

Will you be picking up any New Vegas DLC, or have the various glitches hampered your enthusiasm? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout: New Vegas is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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