Trademarks Hint at Future 'Fallout: New Vegas' DLC

Zenimax Trademarks Fallout New Vegas DLC

Never satisfied with only serving up the retail version and nothing else, Zenimax Media, parent company to Bethesda Softworks, has filed trademarks for three phrases: “Old World Blues,” “Lonesome Road,” and “Honest Hearts.” While some might be for future retail releases, at least one of them should be connected to DLC for their newest game, Fallout: New Vegas.

For those gamers who have played through Dead Money, and we recommend that you should, the existence of more DLC should come as no surprise. As one of the game’s side challenges, the player was tasked with finding information that hinted at where the courier might be taken in future adventures.

What these conversations essentially ended up saying is that the Sierra Madre, the location at the center of Dead Money, is one of a great many of locations with a dark past. Part of a larger network of sinister casinos, companies, etc., the Sierra Madre only scratches the surface of a much seedier network of sin.

Having gotten off to a rough start, Obsidian is hoping to put a lot of their problems behind them with a solid selection of DLC. Though Dead Money was more of a standalone long form quest, that doesn’t mean that future DLC can’t tie back into the main story.

Like Dead Money, it’s expected that these new DLC packs could potentially add new perks, new weapons, or even new armor to the game. If these other DLC offerings can bring as unique an experience to the player as Dead Money did, then really the sky is the limit.

One element that the main game squandered away was the strip itself. Attempting to create a Vegas strip that had survived a nuclear apocalypse was all well and good, but there were certain elements that went unexplored. Like Dead Money took the Ocean’s Eleven route, perhaps future DLC can incorporate the sin inherent to a place like Vegas to create a truly unique story.

Unfortunately, since these trademarks have been filed fairly recently it’s probably unlikely that this DLC will be available any time soon. Keep posted to Game Rant for any news regarding DLC, but for now get back out on the Mojave Wasteland and take down some cazadores.

What would you like to see out of future Fallout: New Vegas DLC? Based on the trademarks, what are your guesses for future storylines?

Fallout: New Vegas is available now for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: NeoGAF

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