Fallout: New Vegas Frontier Mod Gets New Trailer


The makers of a massive mod for Fallout: New Vegas called Fallout: The Frontier release a brand new trailer to promote the creation's forthcoming release.

If there's one entry in Bethesda's lineage of post-apocalyptic RPGs that has received the most attention from modders after it's release, it's definitely the Obsidian Entertainment-developed Fallout: New Vegas. Despite the game's launch being more than six years ago, the modding community has continued to create sumptuous and fully realized unofficial expansions for the title, such as the understated mod known as Autumn Leaves from last year that offered up its own self-contained narrative made by fans.

Of course, one of the most talked-about mods working off of Fallout: New Vegas that's due out any day now is called Fallout: The Frontier, and the team behind the enormous project have now officially released a brand new trailer for it. The mod has been in development for over a year – as evidenced by its teaser trailer from 2015 – but it seems as if enough work has been completed thus far that there's plenty of content to warrant its own full-fledged promotional video.

As seen in the trailer below for Fallout: The Frontier, the mod could be considered an add-on in and of itself, as it's set in the ruins of Portland, Oregon and utilizes areas such as an untouched mega-vault and even outer space. Moreover, it looks as if The Frontier is prepared to take the story out of New Vegas' desert environments in order to move into colder climates of the Pacific Northwest to completely renovate the base game and make it into a totally different experience.


According to the official page for Fallout: The Frontier, the "overall mod" is about 75 percent complete, with scripting needing the most attention at this point in time. Those who have New Vegas on PC will be able to play as any existing character they have previously saved in the base game, and should be prepared to explore a brand new 16-kilometer square map, new creatures, new weapons, and perhaps most importantly, an entirely new storyline.

Should Fallout: The Frontier not be one's cup of tea when it comes to mods, as previously mentioned, New Vegas players have a huge selection from which to choose in order to keep the game feeling fresh and full of content. For instance, there's yet another incredibly ambitious fan-made expansion known as the Project Brazil mod, which is set to add 16 main quests, a few side missions, and a lot more.

Of course, since the mods for Fallout: New Vegas can't be experienced by anyone beyond the PC due to the game's only other platforms being PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One via backward compatibility, console fans are out of luck when it comes to trying out the rather impressive-looking spoils of The Frontier. With this being the case, fans can only hope that the original developers of New Vegas eventually fulfill the hopes of Obsidian and fans alike to make a new game in the series.

Fallout: New Vegas' mod known as Fallout: The Frontier is currently without an official release date and will only be available for PC.

Source: Fallout: The Frontier, Maybenexttime – YouTube

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