Fallout and Five Nights at Freddy’s Mashup in New Vegas Mod

By | 1 year ago 

Ever wanted to combine the worlds of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Fallout? It might seem like a chalk-and-cheese combination, but one modder has taken their fandom for both series to the next level by releasing a Fallout: New Vegas mod that does just that.

Projects like this often dodge difficult questions of how and why two franchises would be mashed up in such a way — even the recent crossover between Sonic the Hedgehog and Angry Birds raised some suspicions among fans. However, creator ZuTheSkunk bucks that trend by providing an explanation that actually makes some sense.

Rather than being a pizza parlour gone very wrong, the setting for this mod is The Arena — a facility created by VaultTec to train vault dwellers in survival proficiency. Given the disregard for occupants that we’ve seen the organization display elsewhere in the series, it’s certainly no great leap for the game’s fiction.

Five Nights at Vault 5 transplants the gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy’s into the Fallout setting, as well as adding some twists of its own. As such, don’t expect to see Freddy Fazbear himself, as the death-dealing robots of this game are standard droids seen elsewhere in the post-apocalyptic franchise.

However, while the Five Nights at Freddy’s games have much in common with the FMV titles on the 1990s, Five Nights at Vault 5 attempts to expand upon this. Players are not constricted to just one room, instead able to explore the facility on foot, turning this into a real game of hide and seek.

The novel gameplay, combined with a high level of polish make this a must-play for any fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s or Fallout. Plus, it’s a perfect time to release a mod with some serious scares like this, with Halloween a matter of weeks away.

Five Nights at Freddy’s returned to headlines earlier this week when creator Scott Cawthon announced that his next project will be an RPG entitled FNAF World. The game is set to recast the enemy robots of Five Nights at Freddy’s as player characters — but will not continue the storyline of the series, which is apparently complete.

According to Cawthon, the overarching plot still isn’t completely understood by fans, with any blanks presumably to be filled in by the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of the games. The lore of Five Nights at Freddy’s certainly contributed a great deal to its success, but its gameplay was just as vital.

It seems very likely that someone will adopt the YouTube-friendly mechanics that made Five Nights at Freddy’s a hit. Whether it’s something as creative as this Fallout project or a lesser attempt remains to be seen, but it’s wise for Cawthon to broaden his horizons rather than risk running the well dry.

Source: VG247