Fallout: New Vegas Devs Obsidian Announce New RPG, Tyranny


After finishing up work on the DLC for Pillars of EternityFallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment announces a brand new RPG game called Tyranny.

After nearly shutting its doors just a year ago, Obsidian Entertainment's saving grace came in the form of Kickstarter. The crowd-funding platform helped fund the fantastic Pillars of Eternity, and the success of that game helped keep Obsidian's lights on. Now that work has wrapped up on Pillars of Eternity and its DLC content, Obsidian has announced a brand new Pillars of Eternity style RPG game called Tyranny.

Partnering up again with Pillars of Eternity publisher Paradox Interactive, Obsidian revealed Tyranny at this year's Game Developers Conference. Set in a war-torn world ruled by the evil Kyros, players can choose to serve or betray Kyros, and the consequences of that decision will affect how the game plays out. Details beyond the game's setting are scant at the moment, but Obsidian has stated that Tyranny will involve getting players to make tough, morally grey decisions, and that the game will come out some time this year. 

For those wanting to see what Tyranny looks like, check it out right here.


After some speculation over Obsidian's next project - including another Fallout game - the announcement of Tyranny comes as a bit of a welcome surprise. Having announced that the team will make games based on the Pathfinder Role-playing Game, as well as the recent reveal of South Park: Stick of Truth's sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, it was thought that Obsidian would go to one of those aforementioned properties rather than create a brand new IP.

But having taken a financial hit for Fallout: New Vegas after the game's reviews didn't hit a certain level, it makes sense that Obsidian would rather create and develop their own properties than work on other franchises and risk losing out again. Given that Tyranny is a brand new RPG that's based on Pillars of Eternity, - which we thought was one of 2015's best RPGs -  Obsidian's latest independent entry is an exciting prospect for everyone. The developer won't be held back creatively by any performance contract or pre-existing franchise, and gamers can look forward to the prospect of yet another quality RPG on the market.

It may not be that Archer video game Obsidian mentioned a few months ago, but Tyranny looks to be another great entry from the developer.

While the release date and platforms have yet to be announced, Tyranny is scheduled for launch sometime in 2016.

Source: Destructroid, Polygon

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