'Fallout: New Vegas' Developer Diary Discusses Art Direction

Fallout New Vegas

Obsidian Entertainment’s first developer diary took gamers on an interesting journey through the sound design and weaponry of Fallout: New Vegas. With their next diary, Obsidian discusses what went into and inspired the look and feel of New Vegas. And no, it doesn't involve the oldest profession in the world.

Right from the beginning, Obsidian knew that they wanted to give their structures and locations the look of the 50s time period, but at the same time to imbue those areas with a post apocalyptic overtone. Everything from the iconic strip down to the surrounding towns should give the feeling that the Vegas frequented by Frank Sinatra and his infamous Rat Pack was the victim of a nuclear attack. Much like what Bethesda did with the Washington D.C. area in Fallout 3, Obsidian is hoping to do for Nevada with New Vegas. Don’t expect to see just the Las Vegas strip with a rundown twist, as Obsidian has taken everything from Freemont Street to the Hoover Dam and given it the Fallout treatment. Take a look at the developer diary to see these concepts in action.


There certainly must have been a lot of creative freedom when it came to creating the world of Fallout: New Vegas. By taking the glitz and glamour of Sin City and putting their own spin on it, Obsidian has shown itself to be a formidable developer for the Fallout property, one that will make the tough storyline decisions. Sure, they may be building on an already fantastic game play experience that Bethesda created, but as the original developers of the property, it seems only fitting that Obsidian try and improve upon their successors.

With all of the enticing nuances that exist in Fallout: New Vegas, from the voice actors to the customization options, this seems like another slam dunk entry in what many hope to be a long running franchise. As Obsidian closes the chapter on the decadence that was the City of Sin, gamers can only hope there is more destruction in store for other parts of the world.

Do you feel that Obsidian has made the right decision with recreating the 50s era of Vegas in the game, or do you think they should have gone to a different time period for inspiration?

Fallout: New Vegas will be available October 19, 2010 on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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