A archery fan of Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic role-playing game, Fallout: New Vegas, mods bow and arrow weaponry into the title.

Even though Fallout: New Vegas has been out for over six years at this point, while fans wait on Obsidian Entertainment to fulfill its desire to make a new game in the franchise, PC players have continually been able to update the game beyond its official DLC packs and Ultimate Edition with mods to not only provide new stories and adventures, but also to give gamers fresh ways to explore and engage in combat. For instance, one truly dedicated fan has spent roughly a year of their life recreating the bow and arrow and its corresponding weapon mechanics from the Far Cry series into Fallout: New Vegas.

According to the YouTuber Xilandro – who also happens to be the mod’s creator – the mod for the bow and arrow in Fallout: New Vegas contains 2,000 lines of code, and the creation has not even been fully completed yet. As explained by the modder, there are numerous challenges to be overcome in terms of the camera, the field of vision, aiming mechanics, animation work, and more in the engine that supports New Vegas should the bow and arrow be finished.

As seen in the video from Xilandro below, although the weapon can’t totally be considered a success yet, what the YouTuber has managed to make for New Vegas is still incredibly impressive. After all, the mod has 20 different types of arrows, and each has its own own categories and sub-groupings, which has caused the YouTuber to work on different models, textures, damage characteristics, and so much more. Not to mention, the actual bow can have different scopes depending on the kind being used.

Furthermore, once the mod is fully intact and able to be used by other fans, Xilandro aims to make arrows obtainable once again after having been shot. However, there will be no guarantee that they won’t be broken. Interestingly enough, some players will come across “pieces of aluminum and some feathers,” requiring them to use Fallout: New Vegas‘ repair feature to put them back together. Plus – and perhaps most intriguingly – Xilandro’s mod will allow would-be Wastelanders to shoot arrows into solid surfaces and use them as a makeshift ladder for climbing purposes.

Although there’s no set date as to when Fallout: New Vegas fans should expect Xilandro’s bow and arrow mod to become available, it’s a safe bet to make that when it’s completed, the creation will go down as one of the best weapons in the series. Of course, the only fans who will be able to experience the bow and arrow in the game will be those who own a PC copy of the game.

With such talented and dedicated fans like Xilandro and those continually breathing new life into Fallout: New Vegas with such detailed and expansive mods like the bow and arrow mod and The Frontier, it’s safe to say that there’s still plenty of experiences left to be had in the game. Of course, an official followup from Obsidian would be nice, but it’s good to know that the modding community is there to provide support until a fresh title makes its way into the Fallout canon.

Fallout: New Vegas is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and through Xbox One’s backward compatibility program.