In Bethesda‘s Fallout series, the Wasteland is without a doubt an unforgiving place. Whether it’s Raiders, Radscorpions, Mirelurks, or – perish the thought – Deathclaws, players need to constantly remain on their toes so as to avoid being put six feet under. Giving thought to this notion, until gamers get to experience Fallout 4‘s Boston setting, it’s arguable that the deserts of Fallout: New Vegas might be the harshest environment in the popular post-apocalyptic franchise yet.

Considering Fallout: New Vegas, ardent fans of the game will more than likely shudder at the idea of randomly encountering Caesar’s roving bands of bloodthirsty legionaries once more, or get frustrated all over again thinking about stumbling across that cazador-infested mountain pass near Brewer’s beer bootlegging site. Yet, even though such confrontations offered little reprieve, at least gamers could take comfort in the fact that Stimpaks were there to take the edge off after those skirmishes. However, as if New Vegas‘ trials and tribulations weren’t difficult enough, one fan decided to put himself to the ultimate test when it came to surviving the game.

Bearing health-giving items in mind, a YouTuber named Jon took the aforementioned challenges to heart and decided to do the impossible, which was beat Fallout: New Vegas in its entirety (including all of its DLC) without healing at all. Today, after over a year of playing and logging his weekly progress via the channel “Many A True Nerd”, the Wastelander has now officially completed his arduous journey.

Fallout- New Vegas Beat Without Ever Healing

Although Jon’s adventures  cheekily titled “You Only Live Once  had some hiccups due to various illnesses and holidays, the feat is nonetheless impressive. To tell the truth, his achievement may very well go down as the toughest playthrough to date, but there are still some honorable mentions, such as the player who completed the game without killing anyone.

For the uninitiated, due to Jon’s extensive knowledge regarding the New Vegas landscape, it’s important to note that he took planning very seriously before making any rash decisions. For instance, he used game’s faction system to his advantage in order to avoid hostile situations, or he would have certain groups fight for him. Not to mention, just so he would avoid having to potentially lose health, he would often choose peaceful dialogue options even if it meant negatively affecting the story or world at large.

At any rate, if Fallout: New Vegas fans are looking for different ways to experience the title for maximum replay value, taking Jon’s extreme route isn’t necessarily the only option. As it happens, there are a ton of different mods to check out, such as Project Brazil, which gives players 16 new main quests. Nevertheless, should gamers be looking for a strenuous experience like Jon’s, there’s always the fan-made DUST mod, which makes the ammo scarcer, the elements more brutal, and also adds the possibility of starvation and dehydration into the equation.

Fallout: New Vegas is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Many A True Nerd (via Reddit and VG 24/7)