One intrepid Fallout: New Vegas fan plays through Bethesda’s and Obsidian Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic RPG, beating it in a little over 20 minutes.

As many gamers are aware, Fallout: New Vegas offers fans innumerable hours of gameplay and entertainment, so it’s extremely easy to get distracted from exploring the main storyline when taking on its side quests and add-ons like its Lonesome Road DLC. However, there are some gamers, such as “Kungkobra”, who take pleasure in blazing through titles’ primary plot lines so as to set a new benchmark for speed-running, like he did with his world record defeat of Fallout: New Vegas in 20 minutes, 47 seconds.

In order to ensure that every aspect of Fallout: New Vegas is operating as speedily as possible, Kungkobra played through the action-RPG by using a variety of tricks and tactics. For instance, instead of having the game use English dialogue, the now-record holder changed the language to Italian, for the voice actors speak the lines much more quickly than any other dialect. Interestingly enough, though, some of the performances are still too lengthy, so the speed-runner utilized a saving and quick-load exploit to skip non-playable characters’ dialogue.

Furthermore, since combat would bog the speed-run down, Kungkobra beefs up the protagonist’s Charisma and Speech skills as a means to talk their way through any situation. Not to mention, since the main character is a female, the “Black Widow” perk is tagged to expedite the process with its opening of extra dialogue options, as seen below.

Perhaps the craziest-looking strategy to be found in the playthrough is Kungkobra’s decision to cripple the Courier’s legs with a grenade rifle after leaving Doc Mitchell’s place at the beginning of New Vegas. Of course, it turns out to be an advantage, as a quick-load exploit after doing so lets the speed-runner move 160% faster than normal. Nevertheless, pulling it off is tricky, and requires impeccable timing.

This isn’t the first time that a Fallout: New Vegas fan has decided to take on the Mojave Wasteland with personalized goals in mind. A YouTuber named Jon beat it without ever healing to finish it in its entirety about 4 months ago. Then, there was the gamer who took the more noble route as a pacifist, and completed the game without killing anyone.

While setting self-imposed limitations on completing any game — especially New Vegas — is indeed impressive, perhaps the challenge would be even more magnificent if all of the aforementioned players beat it with a hardcore mode in place like the fan-made Dust mod. At any rate, Kungkobra’s speed-run of Fallout: New Vegas definitely takes the cake in terms of sheer dedication to the game.

Fallout: New Vegas is currently available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: HollazHalan – YouTube (via Kotaku)