Bethesda Selling ‘Fallout’ Brotherhood of Steel Necklace & More

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Fallout 4 rumors have been slowly picking up steam over the last couple of weeks. First, there was the rumor that a Fallout 4 demo might be shown at E3. This claim was bolstered by the fact that developer Bethesda has scheduled its own press conference for the show. Then, details regarding a developer who had claimed to work on the cinematic trailer for Fallout 4 hit the web, generating further hype.

In short, all of these rumors have caused the speculation regarding Fallout 4 to reach a fever pitch among the franchise’s many fans, all without an official confirmation from the developer. But now, some of those same Internet sleuths are pointing to a page on Bethesda’s official website as further evidence that a Fallout sequel announcement could be imminent.

The official Bethesda store has a “Brotherhood of Steel” necklace for sale. It was only recently posted to the store and is currently in pre-sale. The estimated ship date for this new Fallout item is June 30, which is only about a week after the end of this year’s E3 in Los Angeles.

The necklace is made of solid sterling silver, and the included medallion is over one inch in diameter. Each necklace is being “handmade in New York City by RockLove with inspiration and official collaboration with Fallout.”

fallout 4 necklace

While this could, of course, turn out to be the Internet once again making much ado about nothing, it’s pretty easy to see why some fans are pumped about this item being posted. The necklace, and its two companions, “Vault 101” and “Vault Boy Thumps Up” are all selling for a whopping $110, which is by far the most expensive set of Fallout items available on the store.

The speculation goes that such a premium, handcrafted item would not suddenly become available for a franchise that was last updated in 2010 (with Fallout: New Vegas) unless there was some other detail at play. Like, say, a Fallout 4 announcement which could end up driving hordes of Fallout fans to Bethesda’s store shortly before this item is supposed to ship.

Furthermore, the item being added to the store by itself wouldn’t be as big of a deal if there weren’t so many other rumors about the game being leaked over the last month. There’s still a slight possibility of course that this is just a master trolling job on the part of Bethesda in response to the recent rumors. Speculation will hopefully end on June 14th at Bethesda’s pre-E3 press conference.

Fallout 4 is rumored to be in development but no official announcement has been made regarding a release date or supported systems.

Source: Bethesda