Fallout Board Game Revealed by Fantasy Flight


As if it needed to be said, Bethesda's post-apocalyptic Fallout franchise is one of the most remarkably deep and self-contained universes in gaming history, which explains why the series has such a dedicated legion of fans. Plus, with so many subtleties and ideas to be mined out of the games, it's no wonder why the role-playing, board, and card game manufacturer Fantasy Flight Games has been inspired to make a board game based on the IP.

Today, Fantasy Flight Games has officially announced the forthcoming release of Fallout: The Board Game, which will include a modular hex-based board to make up the game's Wasteland environments, with each tile representing locations from the Bethesda games and expansions, including the third and fourth installments, and potentially the Obsidian Entertainment-developed New Vegas, too. Furthermore, the board game will utilize card decks that are designed to simulate the post-apocalyptic franchise's role-playing choices.

Unlike the video game versions of the series, Fallout: The Board Game will support one to four players, and it will allow them to select between one of five different classes of characters – found in the gallery below – such as a Lone Wanderer, a well-trod Wastelander, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, an irradiated and deformed Ghoul, and even a Super Mutant. These figures will attempt to gain influence in different scenarios by teaming up with factions, gathering allies, acquiring weapons and armor, and leveling up through a version of the “SPECIAL” progression system from the video games.







The acquisition of experience points in Fallout: The Board Game will allow one to develop either an ability like Strength or Intelligence, or a powerful perk that can provide a decisive advantage during a crucial moment. When it comes to battles and conflicts, they will be resolved through a dice mechanic, showcasing both numbers of successes in a test attempt, as well as an allusion to the "VATS" targeting system by featuring body parts on the individual faces of a die.

While Fallout: The Board Game definitely sounds like a solid attempt by Fantasy Flight Games to make a faithful, yet unique adaptation of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic franchise for tabletop enthusiasts, it's worth noting that it's not going to be the only board game iteration of the series on the market. As it so happens, Modiphius Entertainment has a tabletop version in the works that's slated to launch in November of this year.

As of yet, Fantasy Flight Games has not nailed down an exact release date for Fallout: The Board Game, nor has it offered up a price for the product, but the company has promised it will release in "Q4 of 2017," which will likely be sometime around the holiday season. Of course, should one be itching to play a board game that has Fallout branding right now, they can run out and pick up a copy of the series' official Monopoly edition.

Fallout: The Board Game is slated to release sometime later this year during Q4 2017.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games

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