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Despite the horrific launch of Fallout 76, Bethesda has worked to provide its players with regular updates on a weekly basis. However, many gamers only view these updates as Bethesda's attempt to 'finish' the game, as some believe its extreme amount of bugs at launch suggest that it shipped unfinished. While the accuracy of this speculation remains a mystery, Bethesda is looking to regain some popularity among Fallout fans with its newest game mode, Survival.

Last week Bethesda mentioned that a new mode would be coming to Fallout 76, and in this week's patch notes it outlined exactly how the game mode will operate. Survival is essentially a riskier, more dangerous version of the current game. By removing PvP restrictions, Bethesda hopes to use Survival to immerse players into an even lonelier, more difficult version of Fallout 76. Excluding party members, every player poses a threat and can loot caps, aid, and junk items after killing another player.

Bethesda also notes that a character can be played in both modes, and progress for that character will carry over between the two. Initially, players will only have two locations they can choose from to respawn at after death: their C.A.M.P. or Vault 76. However, Bethesda does state that these features may change based on player feedback and playtesting. While Bethesda's constant improvement of Fallout 76 is a good sign for fans, its choice to support Fallout 76 for 'forever' may backfire due to the game's lack of players.

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Although there are still some Fallout fans playing the franchise's newest installment, most of the game's initial players have since stopped playing. Not only were Fallout 76's bugs, glitches, and lack of NPCs off-putting to traditional Fallout fans, but the collector's edition bag controversy heavily offended numerous fans.

Frankly, from beta to its current state, the whole lifespan of Fallout 76 has been a mess. While there is still a chance for Bethesda to redeem Fallout 76 much like Hello Games redeemed No Man's Sky, Bethesda seems to have dug itself a much larger hole than Hello Games did. However, Bethesda's constant stream of improvements and updates is a good start, and a considerably large content drop could be just what the game needs to draw players back in again.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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